Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

My daughter did not inform me that her friend's two year old sister has. the. same. sweatshirt. as. me. Lovely.

I did not consider for one moment actually using that challah dough that fell onto my pristine floor.

I did not either break some little bone in my foot or strain the muscle around it on Friday night. Because of my spike heeled knee high boots I was wearing.

I am not now limping around my house in clogs with my foot taped thanks to my next door neighbor the podiatrist.

I did not stay in my PJs all day on Saturday.

My husband did NOT just flip to a nature channel and say "Kids! Look at the cheetah!" Only to realize that it was...umm....d.e.a.d.

My children did not also hear the ad for CSI Miami while watching Sunday afternoon football. And the ad did NOT say "you quit your job to have sex for money?"

I was not so appalled that I am not considering writing an irate pointless letter to CBS to complain.

I also do not think that I want to stop letting them watch TV at all due to this event.

I did not wear a sticker that said "Elisha" on it to work all day on Friday because Shana made it for Elisha and he refused to wear it and Shana was sad. And then I forgot I was wearing it.

I would never have run to four different stores on Sunday looking for photo albums. I mean how hard can it be to find a simple ring binder style photo album with 3-up slide in pockets? Evidentially very hard.

I did not go to said four stores in my black yoga pants with a brown knee length skirt pulled on over it. That would look wacko.

I did not eat 1/4 of a Ultimate Chocolate Cake by myself this past weekend. Disgusting.

I did not spend most of Sunday reorganizing and cleaning out the toy/office closet. It does not look awesome. Yet it does. Did that make sense?

What about you? What didn't you do?


Miriam said...

I did not find the mother load of junk this morning in the bottom of the washing machine when switching the clothes to the dryer. There definitly was not 6 super balls 3 menchies, a toy car, a travel thing of ketchup (thank G-D it didn't bust!), 2 plastic forks, a green lego, a plastic spoon and what looks like it once was a piece of paper. That would be way to gross and crazy!

E said...

I did NOT stay home from work sick today. And I have NOT spent my morning at home reading tons of total strangers NOT ME blogs out of boredom. I did NOT thoroughly enjoy yours, too! =0)

Orah said...

I did not, not write the first "Not Me Monday" blog I would have attempted because I was traveling all day, bummer!!! Maybe next week. Look for my "Tell It Like It Is Tuesday" instead.

Risa said...

What's an ultimate chocolate cake? Sounds yum!