Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dovamatic

So today is The D Man's 11th birthday.

How is it humanly possible that (a) Dovi is 11 and (b) I am the parent of an 11 year old! I mean, I'm 25! That means he would've been born when I was 14! OK he was born when I was 20 and I am the mother of an 11 year old and I am 31. Yikes.

I'm actually writing this post the night before and setting it to publish at 7:31am, the time that D was born. Cool. EDITED TO ADD: For some reason it didn't work and I published it at stinky, non-meaningful 8:48am. Darn.

So I guess I'll be a bit introspective on this the big milestone. I mean, it's time to start planning for the Bar Mitzvah! We still need to figure out exactly what we're going to do, but let me tell you, it will be:

  • extraordinary
  • epic
  • tear-inducing
  • super fabulous
And I have 2 years with which to plan it.

I still remember when you were born. You were so tiny, so perfect (I mean, how was I supposed to know that...ummm....babies aren't normally that floppy and sleepy?). You seriously were the king. Your grandparents and Aunt Yehudit were lining up every day just to come over and hold you. We could not get enough of you and your cute little cold eensy weensy hands. And those hands? Still cold. Still teeny. They're so yummy. I love to kiss your little hands. And your fluffy head. What is it with you and your Abba and the excessive hair growth? It's like you get your hair cut, and within three weeks you have a mop on your head! But it's so soft and silky, and we'd better enjoy it while you've got it, because if you'll be following my brothers, you'll be balding by high school. Those genetics. They get you every time. (And just for my brother Aaron, the less-bald brother, not to be confused with David, the completely bald brother. I'm feeling Dovatronic...drinking Gin and Tonic. Love you guys :) )

So, Mr. D, you've been here for 11 years. I have to be honest, every year, when we have a birthday, I thank G-d that we got another. Another year to love you and care for you, to laugh with you, to cry with you, to scream with and AT you. Life with you is not simple. It's not easy. Heck, we've got a whole blog devoted to explaining you! And you have your own section in my handy dandy uber organized "P for Dummies" ring binder. And that section is longer than all three of your siblings plus the restaurtant menus put together.

I still remember when we went to New York when you were three months old to see Dr. Axelrod for the first time and get the official diagnosis for what we already knew was true. That Saturday night, we went to Washington Heights to visit Lana and David S and their daughter Simi, who has FD as well. She was 2ish at the time. I remember them opening the door holding her. The first thing that went through my mind? "Oh My G-d. They've been doing this for TWO WHOLE YEARS".

I cannot believe that I've been doing this for ELEVEN WHOLE YEARS. How have you been here so long? How have you ever not been here?

I wrote a few weeks ago about how I wonder what my life would be like had you just been Dovi, not Dovi with FD and the currently large infected sore in his mouth due to the unfortunate fall on Simchas Torah and the lack of pain in the mouth causing you not to baby said sore and causing the sore not to heal necessitating another message to the dentist and probably a lovely visit there this afternoon on my first afternoon to myself after my new and improved reduced work schedule that is allowing me not to work on Thursday afternoon or Friday. But seriously. What would it be like?

I've gotta say, I have no desire to know what it would be like. Please, G-d, give me YEARS more of broken sleep, feedings, meds, IEPs, doctor appointments, therapy appointments, oxygen, BiPap, g-tubes, nurses in my house, fighting with the insurance company.

Give me years more.

I'm not ready to be done.

Happy Eleventh Birthday!

I love you so much, Dovi Bear.


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Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Dovi!! What a wonderful post.

WriterGrrl said...

Please God. Beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for making me cry at work.

Happy birthday.

Thanks for continuing to be an example of grace and humor in spite of adversity.

Mom said...

To our spectacular Dovi. May you continue to grow strong in Torah and Maasim Tovim until 120. We love you sooo very much and are very proud of you and your amazing parents.


Orah said...

So Sweet!!
Happy Birthday to Dovi and Many More!!!

Nahum and Rebecca said...

Oh gosh, I'm trying not to cry here at my desk at work. We love you Dovi!

Lana said...

i'm wiping the tears from my eyes. beautiful as usual. you need to have your writing published. happy birthday dovi and many many many more!!!
(oh, and ditto to everything you said - i could never say it as eloquently!)

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday Dovi!
Beautiful post, Sara. I hope your family has a wonderful day together.

Haley Nicodemus said...

Wow - now I'm crying! You are an amazing woman...I can tell by the few posts that I've read. God bless you!

Aaron said...

Several things: 1. Beautiful post. 2. I am not going bald - I've been at the same level of hair thin-ness for the past 20 years. David is bald enough for two of us. 3. Trying not to cry. 4. Proud to be your brother, and to be Dovi's uncle. Here's a memory from the past 11 years (whoa): running with you and the Shmov to the finish line at the Miami Marathon, and then carrying him across the finish line. Transcendent.


Uncle Aaron

Shosh said...

ill just add myself to the list of people you made cry today.

Estie said...

Me too.

Rachelz said...

Me Three- I love how birthdays can do this to you.

TexasAg said...

Sara, your strength amazes me! I'm so glad for these 11 years and pray for many, many more to come!!!


elana said...

wow! what a milestone. such a touching post. yu should celebrate many more happy birthdays!

Miriam said...

Sara- I was crying at my desk when I read this today- so beutiful and well said. I can't believe he is 11 already! It seems like yesterday that I just met Dovi (I think - like in you illusion- that you actually were 25 then). May Dovi continue to light up all of our lives with his award winning personality and smile! Miriam

Risa said...

Add me to the list of people in tears. That was absolutely beautiful.

Happy Birthday Dovi!

amy (3Peas) said...

Happy Birthday D!!!!!


Susie Aryeh said...

Sara, you are the most amazing person I will ever know! I also remember when Dovi was born. i CANNOT believe he is already 11. Crazy how time flies. Happy birthday Dovi and many many many more until 120!!