Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's been a few months

I realize and I haven't discussed my love of the Target pharmacy.

I was chatting on Facebook with a friend of mine and she mentioned how she was leaving Osco (boo...hiss....terrible people....) because they were so awful.

So I realize it's been a few months. Must mention Target again.






I {heart} Target.

Target Pharmacy? Good.
Makes me happy.
They (get this) do what they are supposed to do. They HELP! They help fix problems!
It's shocking, I know. Try and contain yourself.
If loving the Target Pharmacy is wrong, I don't want to be right.
Go. Switch your prescriptions. Be happy.
Get the lovely checkup phone calls-"You picked up antibiotics for your daughter last week. How's she feeling?"
And the automated ones-"Your prescription is ready"
They have AUTO-REFILL! Osco did not. Or if they did they never offered it to me.
When you switch your prescriptions, tell them I sent you. Maybe they'll give me gift cards.
Then again, maybe not.


Shira said...

I used to work there. I like it better as a customer...I hope you use your RedCard to pick up Rx's because you get pharmacy rewards and 10 Rx's gets you a 10% a day of shopping coupon.

DESJ and Company said...

I (prepare yourself) have no copay for Dovi's meds because of his medicaid waiver.

Rachelz said...

I don't think I could ever switch my prescriptions there because then I would need to defend myself against the lures of buying everything at Target so much more often!
I do need a new pharmacy though (sigh).

DESJ and Company said...

Have I ever steered you wrong?
Do you not set your table on Thursday nights now?
Trust me.
You can send the hubby to get the prescriptions.
Trust me.

DESJ and Company said...

Oh and one more thing-you need to kick the Target habit. I only go once a month or so and let me tell you-it has completely changed me.
I used to spend a fortune there. Abstinence works :)

Orah said...

I think I left two pharmacists crying at Osco last night. I will make a big Thanksgiving this year and decorate in red and white with red and white "bullseye" targets for plates and I will actually put a Target board up with the faces of the Osco pharmacists on it, and we will throw darts and have target practice for fun.

michelle prero said...

you crack me up....I seriously look forward to your blog posts every day!!

Shira said...

Even if you don't owe anything on a prescription, still put your card in because you get pharmacy rewards anyway! The register gives them the option to ask the guest if they want to swipe their card for rewards even if there's no copay.

DESJ and Company said...

NO WAY, Shira!
I don't have a red card. I'm going to pick up prescriptions this afternoon and methinks I need to apply for one.

DESJ and Company said...

wait-there's no redcard that's like a preferred card from Jewel? I don't want a credit card. I just want the rewards! Did I miss something?

Orah said...

Everyone who uses preferred cards and red cards for prescriptions, it may not make a difference to you, but just know, when you do this, Corporate Target builds up information on you, including the prescriptions you get, which some people might want to keep private. Just sharing, do with it what you will.