Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The People Have Spoken

And the P family is having the side dishes of Squash Kugel and Asparagus for Shabbos lunch.

Last night I took the kids to vote. I love taking them. I always wait until they get home from school so they can come with me to vote. Luckily our polling place is literally down the block from us. That's lucky because the school bus was...45 minutes late. So the poor kids got home at 4:55 and they were ravenous when they got off the bus. So we ate dinner at 4:58 and then strolled down the block to vote.

They are so into the voting process. We were talking about it, and the election they had at school for their favorite fruits (strawberry won in a landslide). I had the brilliant idea to have an election for our Shabbos side dishes. This occurred after the World War 3 I had with Elisha over homework. I literally wrote on his sheet "Elisha would not do his homework" and tossed him in his room until Benjie came home to deal with him. But I digress (as usual).

So the kids got paper to make ballots, set up a polling place in their room, and we held the election. Squash Kugel tied Potatoes, and the tie was broken by Dovi's homework volunteer who happened to be here. Much to Elisha's dismay, Asparagus trounced Green Beans by a score of 5 to 1. He was crying. He does not so much understand the democratic process.

On to my loverly daughter. I can't think of any good segue so I'm just switching topics.

This is the second day I'm posting about her. Well yesterday my boss informed me that he is cutting my hours from 26 to 20 due to the crappy economy. I was like, "duh. Can't believe it took you this long" (K I didn't say that but I thought it) So now I'll be working 5 hours a day Monday through Thursday and have Friday off. Which is nice. But ummm....we kinda need the money. So I'm not thrilled. I need to figure this out. But how does this relate to the graffiti artist Shana? Well, this week I shall be working M,T,Th,F, with today at home due to Shana's bizarre vomit habits.

Those of you who know us well know what I'm talking about. She did it again.

Those of you who don't know us, Shana has an incredibly bizarre habit, that really only happens in the winter, and usually on Saturday mornings, which made me a tad surprised to have it happen today.

She wakes up about 4 am, pukes phlegm a bunch of times, goes back to sleep for three to four hours, and wakes up fine. That is basically what happened last night, with the loverly addition of diarrhea at 3 am. Which Benjie dealt with because for some reason, my kids go to him when they wake up. Not sure how that came about, but heck, I'm not complaining.

But back to this phenomenon. It literally happens 3-4 times per year. In exactly the same fashion. I've spoken to her pediatrician about it and her opinion is that since it only happens a few times per year, there's no real way to do any testing regarding it, so to kinda sorta just ignore it. But I can't help but think that it's just bizarre. I mean, she has morning sickness, for pete's sake! She's 6! She's not 26 and pregnant!

Opinions? Ideas?


Orah said...

Could it be that Shana is just prone to the same "virus" over and over again this time of year? Or, is there a food that you serve more this time of year which she might be sensitive to (like squash), it does not fall into food allergy category, but maybe food sensitivity. Keep a log.

Nahum and Rebecca said...

I think a log would be a great idea (just writing down the days/ times it happens) - with of course whatever you can recall from what she ate the day before.
I guess Arie Crown is healthier than Darchei because in Simcha's class chocolate beat out Laffy Taffys. Your Shabbos lunch menu election was brilliant!

Shosh said...

MY D has some stomach issues and I tried keeping a log but still couldn't figure it out. My view is, unless it becomes a serious problem/annoyance in their life, dont waste too much time worrying about it.

Anonymous said...

If it's usually Sat morning in the winter, I'd look at a typical Friday night winter shabbat food (special warm soup? sweet kugel with a certain spice?) as the culprit. OR maybe that fun winter companion, post nasal makes my Shira vaguely nauseous all winter long, so it would make sense that it could cause someone to any case, going to the other parent in the middle of the night is something i have studiously inculcated in my children and reinforced by always sleeping on the side of the bed farther from the door...but still and all, I'M the parent who can jump up from a deep sleep at the tell-tale sound of barfing about to begin...go figure! hope you figure out what's going on with Shana before there's too much more early morning fun in your house!