Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's left to do, hustled by a 10 year old, and the P children are anti doping

What's left to do before Dovi leaves for camp tomorrow:
  1. Hit Target at lunch for the last minute items: toiletries, a deck of cards, disposable camera, and my fun idea to send this year: window markers for them to decorate their cabin-yeeha!
  2. Finish ironing name tapes onto socks (yes, I have issues)
  3. Transfer heap of clothing from hamper to suitcase-as I folded (truthfully Benjie folded 95%) of the post-9-days laundry, it occurred to me that I should not even bother to take it upstairs, so it has resided in my den in a hamper for the past 2 days.
  4. Make Mt. St. Medical Supplies in the living room (please G-d make my mental inventory of the medical supplies be correct and may I not need to pay $800 to overnight Dovi some forgotten item overnight, Saturday delivery. When they don't even have Saturday delivery up in the mountains of upstate NY)
  5. Transfer Mt. St. Medical Supplies (not to be confused with Mt. St. Laundry post-9-days) from living room floor to suitcase
  6. Take Dovi to the Boys'-Clothing-Store-In-The-Basement lady to buy new Shabbos pants. Note to self: am very bad pant hemmer.
  7. Weigh suitcases.
  8. Cry at the extreme overweight
  9. Say screw it-he needs his formula and all his other crap, hopefully the check in guy is nice-as opposed to the Snoop Dog look alike of our winter trip.
  10. Play Wii with the children. Which brings me to:


So as you all know, yesterday was ESJ's 6th birthday (boohoo I still cannot believe it). We decided that instead of buying them a whole bunch of crap to add to our home already overflowing with their flotsam and jetsam, we, with my mom, would buy them a Wii. Benjie of course was ALL FOR this idea-he's been lobbying for a Wii for some time.

The kids were thrilled and would like to move into the den and play Wii all day. Forget the great outdoors and their bikes. Play baseball? In real life? Why when you can play it on the WII!

So we gave ESJ priority in the Wii over Dovi last night, b/c after all, it was their birthday gift. So when Benjie took them upstairs to go to bed, he instructed me to play a game of Wii Bowling with our disabled child.
"I hope he can do it" said Benjie.

I said "Dovi, have you played Wii before?"

"Nope" he said.

Then he proceeded to beat me in Wii bowling something like 123 to 78 (yes, I suck)

Benjie and I were like, "Wow Dovi, you're a natural"

To which he gave his sneaky little cackle. Which should have been slightly suspicious to me.

As Benjie was putting Dovi to bed, he asked D again:

"D, have you played Wii before tonight"

"No (insert cackle)"

"Are you telling the truth?"

"(Cackle again) OK Abba. I play Wii at Aunti Rochie (hahahahahahahaha)"

Hustled by my 10 year old. Nice.

And now:How Elisha and Jacob are decidedly anti doping.

As they were getting dressed:

E:"Mommy, what's the shot that you can take to be really fast?"
Me: "Elisha, that's steroids. Very bad"
J: "They take a shot to be fast?"
Me:"Yes. And it's cheating"
E: "Like Barry Bonds?"
Me: "Yes. He made a bad choice"
E: "I will never take a shot to go fast. That's cheating and it's bad"
J: "Me either."

Could I make this stuff up?


Nahum and Rebecca said...

I love them!

Avery, Brock, and Cora said...

Too funny. Am I the only one that doesn't own a Wii now?? LOL
Great stories. :)