Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So I'm liking this one

Soooo much better.

It has the yellow as homage to my little blog namesake, the D.

And it's pretty kewl-b/c you know, it's all about me.

for your great entertainment, I shall now copy/paste a recent email I sent to a parenting group in a plea for help.

Hi everyone...I'm looking for a recommendation for a parenting book.
A little background: My son Dovi, is almost 11 and has familial dysautonomia. He's hard work but generally cooperative.
My triplets Elisha, Shoshana, and Jacob will be 6 (holy cow) next Tuesday. They are hard work and...shall we say...not as cooperative.
I am a very scheduled parent. I like routine. I also like a clean house and happy children who are (I hate this word with a passion but it works) obedient.

Not obedient as in cowering under the tables afraid of me-but when I nicely ask them to please straighten up their bedroom that got trashed on Shabbos, or put away the 400 miniscule Polly Pocket pieces that are on the den floor, I do not want a fight.
Please get me a tissue for your brother who just sneezed a huge snotball on himself and I can't get up b/c I'm making sure he does not aspirate it into his lungs should not be met with derision. Please clear your plate should not be met with a blank stare of complete incomprehension.

Hence I need help.

I need a parenting book. I like action-not theory. I also get bored easily and WILL fall asleep if it's too wordy (hence why I did not finish Jane Eyre for my recent book club meeting-the only time I never finished an assignment in my life!).

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mberko said...

Try "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk", if you haven't already read it. Lots of comic strips to break up the text. I promise you won't fall asleep. Also, I get cooperation from the unaffected sib by pointing out that we all help each other in this house, and if she stops helping, she might stop getting help, and it won't be a very happy home.