Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My babies are 6!!!

How has this happened? I blinked, and Elisha, Shoshana, and Jacob are six years old today. It feels like just yesterday I was hanging out at Evanston Hospital, eating Philly Cheesecake Bars (which BTW they no longer make and it really bums me out) while watching many hours of Trading Spaces, trying to keep the little stinkers cooking a little longer.

Alas, as Elisha is, he was impatient, and busted out at 8:50 am on August 12, 2002, weighing a whopping 2 lb 15 oz. Princess Shana followed at 8:55 am, with a matching weight. My big lover boy Jacob brought up the rear at 9 am with the impressive weight of 3 lb 3 oz.

I always say that they are G-d's gift to me after Dovi. Even though they were born over ten weeks early, no one was intubated, they were breathing room air within a week, and home within a month. The doctors were flabbergasted by how well they did. Frankly, Benjie and I were not the least bit surprised. I was 100% confident in the health of the babies the whole way through-I knew that G-d would not put me through it again.

People would always ask me if it was soooooo hard with three babies. I told them that three babies that I could feed, vs. one baby that I couldn't? Three babies waaaay easier.

So I'm feeling all nostalgic today-how can I be the mother of an almost 11 year old and 3 6 year olds? I don't feel so old (as you know, it's all about me-who cares about how they feel :) )

Yesterday evening, Elisha and I were sitting on the glider with him cuddled in my lap. I said to him,

"Fishy, can you believe it? You're going to be 6 tomorrow! You're going to be a BIG boy-not a little boy anymore"

He was quiet. Didn't respond. So I said to him:

"Fishy, are you going to be a big boy, a little boy, or a middle boy"

He said "I think I'm going to be a middle boy for a little longer"

Don't grow up too fast, my darlings.


Galiah said...

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!

Nahum and Rebecca said...

Brings tears to my eyes....Happy birthday, trippies!