Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dovi's psycho amazing night last night

Last night, for the second year, Benjie participated in Kerry Wood's Strike Zone Celebrity Bowling Tournament.. He says b/c it's a good cause and good for business. We all know the truth:

It's b/c for one night, Benjie gets to rub shoulders with the Cubs players and pretend he really is one .

So last year, Benjie went and did a gift suite for the players. He took his brother to "help"-really just to hang out and ogle the players with him :) This year, they did a raffle for a diamond.

This year, Benjie and David upped the ante. They took Gavi and Dovi.

Benjie is now officially
  1. the coolest father ever
  2. the coolest uncle ever
Dovi got his new SMO's yesterday, so he looked sufficiently, pathetically, disabled. Now lest you faithful readers get all insulted on D's behalf, frankly, the boy looks disabled. It's ok. I've been his mother for almost 11 years. I'm ok with that. And last night, the pathetic disabled boy got to hang out with Kerry Wood!

He hugged Kerry Wood.

Multiple times.

Benjie said all the players were sooooo nice to Dovi-and Gavi. Signed Dovi's baseball and G's jersey, and took neverending pictures. The boys bowled a little with some player. Really don't know who :) But they were happy.

Therefore, so was I.

Dovi was happy until he got braces on his front teeth again this morning . Recall the disaster last time Here's to hoping this round goes better. He chose yellow rubber bands and was actually not as hysterical as last time.

Will post pics from last night in another post.

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