Monday, August 4, 2008

Some REAL Dovi related info

Instead of my recent chattiness:

I just spoke with the nurse at the Endo's office. Dovi's bone age is 11.

That is bad.

Very bad.

He is not yet 11. Yet his bones are. That means that he will stop "growing" (if we can call what he does growing) even a little earlier than he should.

So....he is now being scheduled for a growth hormone production test of some type. In all honesty, I was responding to a comment on this fancy shmancy blog and half listening to the nurse. So I'm not 100% clear on the details. (ahhh the humanity of it all!!) All I know is that they need to do some test on his either production of growth hormone or response to it in order to decide if he is a candidate for GH.

Which is a complete and utter waste of time.

All kids with FD are ultimately candidates for growth hormone-you take a neurologically impaired kid and fuse their spine....umm....they are not going to grow very much. But the next step in the process is to do this test.

So we shall.

She also said something to me about how "the mom mentioned to the doctor that she was concerned about giving daily injections"

Huh? Soooo not me. Nope, wrong mom. I'm sooooo not that mom. He needs the injections? Bring it on!!

And re the elusive Pamidronate, I have now been moved over to the bone mineralization specialist who will oversee it.

But don't worry, they have no openings until the end of September.


Nahum and Rebecca said...

Remind us what the Pamidronate was?

Avery, Brock, and Cora said...

Best of luck dealing with the growth hormone issue. Doctors can be so frustrating!
BTW, I'm liking your new layout. Cute. : )