Friday, August 1, 2008

My lovely sister Rebecca

Pointed out to me that I never explained WHY we knew that Dovi's Clonidine works to "help" him go to sleep.

Which BTW I did pick up yesterday on the way to work. After which I stopped at Pep Boys-sooooo a store I have no interest spending time in-but seemed to have a very large amount of people working there-but they seem to be useless as they sold me the wrong bulb for my van. So I had to go back-but also remembered that I need a new rear wiper blade. Which Steve at my office also changed for me. For free :)

But I digress. Back to the Clonidine.

Dovi gets two doses-one at bedtime, and one with his 6 am valium. On Wednesday (the day of the sloth-like checkout girl at Target) when I forgot to pick up Dovi's Clonidine, we only had one dose of the Clonidine left. So when we realized that I had forgotten to pick it up, it was already after 9 pm when the pharmacy closes (truthfully, not sure why Benjie didn't realize at 7 when he went to put Dovi to bed while I was at an Arie Crown meeting). So we conserved the dose for the 6 am time b/c frankly stopping the retching (why it's given at 6 am) is more important that falling asleep (why it's given at bedtime). No idea why the Clonidine does both these things but regardless, it does.

So at 10 pm Benjie called me and told me that Dovi had just called him up to his room:

"I'm no sleep Abba. I no know why, but I'm no sleep"

"Sweetie, it's because Mommy got flustered by the sloth-like checkout girl at Target and forgot to pick up your meds"

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