Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well if we ever wondered

if Dovi's Clonidine actually did anything to help him sleep...

it does.

Today, I refilled Dovi's Clonidine. Correction:

I walked into Target and asked the loverly people at the pharmacy (you all recall my love of the Target pharmacy-and if I was snazzy on Blogger I'd have a cutesy link to my previous posts of adoration about the Target pharmacy. But I'm not. So you'll either have to just nod b/c I'm nuts or look back into the archives yourselves) to refill his Clonidine.

I then wandered the Target for about 40 minutes, looking for this sponge holder for my kitchen sink. Yes, you read this correctly. I have this vision in my head of this soft plastic thingy that sits over the middle of my sink divider to hold my meat and dairy sponges. It exists. I've seen it. Somewhere. But evidentally not at Target. It does at Container Store. Here you go. Luckily, there is a Container Store 3 blocks from my office that I will visit tomorrow at lunch. After I go grocery shopping, to the fruit store, and to the auto parts store for a turn signal bulb to con one of the guys at the shop to replace for me. For free.

So I wandered the aisles of Target for, I kid you not, 25 minutes looking for this item. The other 15 minutes I spend actually getting things I needed-including a green and white soccer ball that Elisha requested for a birthday party this afternoon. How on earth Target had the EXACT soccer ball Elisha requested, I will never know. But they did.

So after I unsuccessfully looked for this item for almost half an hour, I got in line to pay, for among other things, my FAKE Sigg water bottle! and the biggest scam ever, "swim" shampoo by Suave for Shana's strawlike hair-I guarantee you it's the same exact shampoo as the regular one, repackaged with a cute dolphin on the bottle for $1 more. Whatever.

I forgot the cardinal rule at my Target-near-my-work:

Watch out for the sloth-like check out girl. There is one girl at my Target, who I'm sure is just a lovely girl. I'm sure she's pleasant as all get-go. But she is possibly the SLOWEST check out girl in the history of the world-it's one of those painful experiences where you just want to reach over the conveyor belt and swipe the shampoo yourself as she slllllloowwwwwllllllllyyyyyyy, cccccaaaaaarrrrreeeeefffffuuuuulllllllyyyyy moves each item over the scanner.

So after I stood in line for 10 minutes (with one girl in front of me. Who spent $166 on random t-shirts and a picture frame for posters!), I was so incredibly annoyed and late that I then rushed out of the store.

And forgot Dovi's Clonidine at the pharmacy.

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