Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our lovely weekend revisited

We had such a lovely time in Milwaukee!
We went down on Thursday afternoon. Stayed at the Hilton as we planned-the kids had a BLAST at the water park! It was definately not a park for older kids-but perfect for my crew. We spent 3 hours there on Thursday and 4 hours on Friday! Miracle of miracles, Dovi's oxygen was delivered as ordered and the kids slept well. Shana ASKED to go to bed at 7:30! Since our kids are such party poopers, we missed out on the fireworks for July 4. Such is life.

Minor panic ensued when we realized that we (ok I) forgot Dovi's feeding pump in Chicago, but Aliza's friend Sharrone was coming in on Friday morning and she graciously swung by my in-laws to pick it up.

Friday afternoon we went to visit my father for a bit, and then continued on to Glendale, with a detour through The East Side to show the kids where Mommy grew was so bittersweet! The East Side is so absolutely beautiful-gorgeous houses, land, parks, etc. Unlike stinky West Rogers Park. Well whatever.

Then we went up to Glendale for Shabbos. We stayed at a family we've known my entire life-the Teppers. OMG they were so lovely! We had 3 spacious bedrooms and a bathroom all to ourselves. They live on a pond, and the kids were obsessed with looking for tadpoles and frogs-which they found.

Shabbos was absolutely lovely. We ate both meals at the Glaser's house. The amazing Milwaukee caterer Patrick (of Terrence and Patrick fame-unfortunately Terrence passed away 8 years ago from melanoma) did Friday night-I was completely returning to my youth seeing him! Food was spectacular, and everyone was just so HAPPY.

Our Friday night walk home from the Glasers was a little harrowing-Glendale, lovely suburban area that it is, has neither sidewalks nor streetlights. Elisha and Shana had both fallen asleep at the Glasers. So....Benjie wore reflective gear. He carried Elisha the 20 minute walk. Shana rode on Dovi's wheelchair on his lap! Jacob, little trooper that he is, walked the entire way!

Shabbos was very nice-the kids had fun playing with Bug and Bella, Aliza's sister's dogs. They loved the shnoodle so much that we are ever so slightly tempted....someone bop me on the head! I do NOT need a dog-but they sure did love them-especially Dovi!

The Shabbos Kallah was lovely-I ended up speaking, a bit unplanned-evidentally Aliza asked me weeks ago to speak-but I sompletely forgot-but I pulled it together!

Now, onto the was absolutely AMAZING. Everyone who was there was jsut so HAPPY to be there. ALiza looked amazing, Hillel was over the moon, and everyone had a blast!

I saw tons and tons of people from my past-my kindergarten, 4th and 6th grade teachers, as well as almost half of my childhood classmates.

Dancing was amazing-everyone jut had a blast.

And my to follow.


Nahum and Rebecca said...

What a lovely weekend - I'm so sorry I missed the wedding.....

Stephanie said...

I think a Schnoodle is a wonderful idea. You can name him Rooney. Or Moe.