Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A little update

As you all know, last Thursday night, Dovi "slept" (and I use that term loosely) at Children's to get his BiPap titrated. He actually slept for 5 of the 16 hours we were at Children's.

But, Benjie and I have decided that Children's is FAR superior to Evanston for Dovi-they actually STOCK HIS FORMULA!!!! Who knew? Usually we need to bring it from home to Evanston. That alone will make us switch!

But also, now that he's on BiPap, it's possible that he will need to be admitted every time to the PICU-I don't know if they'll administer BiPap on a regular floor-I'm looking into it now...

But to update the Dovi BiPap situation...

He truly looks pathetic. Kinda like Hannibal Lechter to tell the truth! but amazingly, he IS adjusting! The first night, he cried and cried. I felt like a terrible person. But then we looked at the equation:

Dovi + BiPap = Alive

Dovi - BiPap = maybe not

So we forced him. Every night, he's gotten better and better. He's a little trooper-I don't think Benjie had to lie down with him at all last night!

So we're getting there.

But his room is looking more and more like a hospital ward...

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