Friday, July 25, 2008

Thoughts on the D

So Dovi leaves for Camp Simcha on Aug 14. Hopefully this year I will not get a $250 speeding ticket on my way up to Glen Spey.

He is gone during that difficult time for working moms: between camp and school. Yay! Seriously makes my life soooo much easier-it's very hard to pull off childcare for Mr. Dov.

I just found a backyard camp for ESJ for 1 of the weeks-they have a week and a half off. I posted a request for info on camps on facebook, someone responded with info, I called up the girl who is running the camp, and signed them up. The whole sign-up process took a whopping 4 minutes. For 3 kids. Name, Ages, Phone number, we'll email you the forms. That's all.

It got me thinking just how hard EVERYTHING is with Dovi. Never have I simply called and enrolled him for anything. Every single solitary Dovi endeavor requires umpteen phone calls back and forth, meetings, pages and pages of notes, faxes, and emails. Feeding schedules, med schedules, equipment lists, emergency info, directions on everything, doctor lists, and on and on ad infinitum.

It's never really kit me before how incredibly COMPLICATED everything for the D is. I guess b/c I've been doing it for almost 11 years it just becomes second nature-of course we need to spend 1/2 an hour discussing Dovi's feeding and med schedule. How else would it be?

Well now I know.

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