Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dovi's post for today

Dovi, after one hour in Nordy's came away with two pairs of shoes:
  1. Nikes, in size 3 to go over the SMO (supramalleolar orthotic for all you inquiring minds). In real life, he wears a size 13/1, but we had to size up.
  2. a pair of BRIGHT YELLOW Crocs. He adores them-and looks sooooo cute in them-he couldn't really wear his Crocs before b/c they gave no support-but with the SMO? The sky's the limit!
We were unable to find him a pair of dress shoes that fit over the orthotic. So the options are (a) he doesn't wear the orthotic on Shabbos or (b) this, or (c) (yes these are awful, I know) this

Opinions please!!

Now for my rant of the week:

As you, my loyal readers now, Dovi had a sleep study in July. I received, in the mail, the Explanation of Benefits from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS).

Total Charges: $10,423.13 (for one night-man, my boy is pricey)
Discount for BCBS: $5680.60
Total Benefits Approved: $4742.53

So that means that BCBS pays less than half of what a uninsured person would pay FOR THE VERY SAME SERVICE.

How is that fair? There has been recent legislation in some states to limit this practice. But until it becomes a federal law, millions of people will be out millions, if not billions of dollars.

How is this fair or ethical?

Don't forget to vote on the shoe issue.

1 comment:

Shosh said...

okay, definitely the crocs for shabbos. my boys wear brown crocs on shabbos all the time.
And about BCBS - me and them have a very rocky relationship, to put it mildly.