Friday, August 8, 2008

Observations at Target (alternatively The Hidden Cost of Dovi)

I went to Target during my "lunch hour" (hahahahahahahaha) here at work.

Observed at Target:

  1. Husband and Wife with very newborn baby, abandoning FULL cart b/c said tiny baby crying. Cute baby. Admirable that they attempted outing. Reminded me of a simpler time in my life. One cute baby. Heck. It was never simple. I walked through Target with Dovi in the carseat holding his bolus feeding with one hand, grabbing stuff with the other. I have a friend who could drive with one hand and suction her trached daughter with the other. Backwards.
  2. Full nicely organized school supply section. As opposed to the school supply section at the Target near my house that looks like it's been pillaged.
  3. In reference to the school supply section: I am such a pleaser that although I have 8 boxes of ROSEART crayons in my house from Wal-Mart ($.17 each as per my previous posting) I felt compelled to purchase 8 additional boxes of CRAYOLA crayons. For $.22 each. I'm a big spenda.
  4. My cart full of product. For the children. Of all the crap I bought (shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, bandaids) , only $2.54 was for me: my Kashi bars. Which brings me to
I spent $65. I will not save that receipt after entering it into my checkbook at home. So I will forget forever what it was that I purchased. However, 1/4 of the bill was directly related to Dovi's FD:

Eye Drops
Canker sore medicine b/c he does not feel pain and thus continuously rubs his cute little lips across his braces without feeling it, thus forming canker sores of enormous proportions.

Those two lovely items cost over $20.

And since I am not as organized as I should be and do not save every Dovi-related receipt in one handy dandy folder, preferably with a nice Excel Spreadsheet (ooh good idea I might have to consider doing that starting 2009), these expenditures will be absorbed into my rapidly shrinking checking account.

And then I wonder why I have no money in my account.

Next time, all I need to do is re-read this post.

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