Sunday, August 10, 2008


OK so there were 202 hits on this lovely blog on Thursday. Which to some of the fancy blogs I read with over 5 million hits that's like 15 minutes of blog activity. But to me, it's huge!

Who are you people?

Is it the same four devoted people (my mom, sister, Shosh, and Steph) each visiting 50 times per day?

Or lots and lots of people?

Show yourselves!

Send me a comment. Pretty please :)


Gretchen said...

Don't forget me....i visit with every update!

Galiah said...

this is some blog! i enjoy reading your entries!

Shosh said...

sorry, just same old me

Nahum and Rebecca said...

I second Shosh's comment - but I only check maybe 3 times a day.

Brie said...

Shosh linked to you from her blog and now I'm hooked. I'm from Chicago and sort of know who you are so I feel like that exempts me from complete stalker status? Maybe?

Yehudit Nathan said...

Wow Sarah, I didn't knoe you had a blog. When do you find the time? It is wuite amazing too. I love the pics!!!

Stephanie said...

You could just get a site meter - and then you could stalk your stalkers :)

michelle prero said...

Sara, you know I love your blog - but I only account for like one or two hits a day.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Dovi's Mom!

I'm a former staff member from Camp Simcha who got to know Dovi a little bit over the years.
I came across your blog about a month or so ago and can't seem to keep away!
You're (I don't think you're the type to take this the wrong way...) seriously awesomely nuts and hysterical. I can seriously see where Dovi gets it from! (I'm sure he acts the exact same way around you guys as he does in camp... but Dovi is AWESOME... the life of the party!)
Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it back to camp this summer, but I may be visiting, and will be sure to send your love.

Just wanted to let you know who's out there.