Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anthony, You're Our Hero

"Sara, our flight was canceled!" Never words you want to hear your slightly hysterical husband scream up the stairs 4 hours before your flight to NY with your oxygen dependent son for his yearly doctor appointments with Dr. Axelrod and Dr. Feldman (excellent run on sentence there). But alas, that IS what Benjie yelled up to me at 11:45 am on Sunday morning. But he continued "All the other flights are full except for the 1:05pm one"
"Um it's 11:45!"
"They say they'll hold the flight for us" (which we have since learned is a load of hooey)
Off we went, extreme errand, airline edition. I threw all medical looking supplies into my carry on, repeating under my breath "Anything I forget, Eli in Passaic has, anything I forget, Eli in Passaic has", ran and picked up my mil from work, and we dashed off to the airport by 12 noon.
Got to the airport at 12:25 (impressive driving by Benjie), and the Snoop-Dog lookalike at curbside refused to check us in b/c it was within 45 minutes of the flight. By this point Benjie had driven away to park the van (in the $30 a day short term lot-lovely) and I was on my own, outside, with Dovi in his wheelchair, the carry on and two wheely suitcases. Now you'd think there are good people in this world who would help you. Nope. I had to push Dovi with my stomach and drag the two suitcases behind me (Not before yelling to Snoop "I have a disabled child and what you just did was terrible!"). I made my way to the check in line, stood there for 30 minutes (obviously thus missing the 1:05 flight that we killed ourselves to make). A "helpful" agent put us onto the 2pm on American-we were booked on United-sent us over to the AA terminal-stood in line THERE for 30 minutes (you got it, missing the 2 pm flight), waiting while the lovely woman worked for another 30 minutes trying to move our oxygen onto American and put us onto their 4pm flight. Nope, no luck-it's evidentially really hard to move oxygen. Blah blah blah.
Back to United. Stand in line. Then we spot-our hero! This random guy behind a different counter. Benjie goes running "Well, says Anthony, I don't really work in the front-I'm a supervisor"
"Perfect" says Benjie, waves us over. We tell the sob story, sick child, doctor appointment tomorrow, canceled flights, broken bones, oxygen, 3 different flights.....
There was only one flight going out for due to the faux snow storm. It was full. Anthony basically bumped three people off of the already overbooked flight and put us on.
There were seriously 200 more people trying to get on the flight than there were seats. It was oversold by 16 people (thanks to us, including the poor woman in seat 6a whose seat Dovi took!). Well we avoided the riot by boarding early, and then sat for 1 hour while they fixed the electrical.
Oh and we flew into La Guardia instead of Newark, and we'd rented our car at Newark. So Simcha Willig-also known as Rabbi Wiggles-one of Dovi's favorite Camp Simcha Special counselors, picked us up at the airport, drove us to the La Guardia Hertz center, and was going to continue on to the Newark one with us if they didn't let us pick up at La Guardia. Luckily we did, and box of Stella Dora Swiss Fudge Cookies in hand, we headed to Aaron and Tamar's in New Jersey. We got there at 10:30-so we'd be in transit for 9 1/2 hours! We could have almost driven there.
One of the flight attendants said, "We don't know why only this flight is going-every other one was canceled"
I said, "It's very simple-Dovi needs to get to his doctor appointment!"

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rickismom said...

Wow, what a story! Glad you got there!