Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesday with Dr. Feldman

As usual it took FOREVER to get to Dr. Feldman's office on Tuesday for our 9 am appointment, although by some miracle we were only 10 minutes late. Also by some miracle there was tons of street parking. We spent 2 hours there, at which point he confirmed-yes Dovi has brittle bones. But his 3rd break was caused by the stress put on his bones by the cast on the 2nd break-b/c the 3rd break i right above where the 2nd break occurred. Confusing, but I'll believe him! So he took off Dovi's cast and wrapped it nicely in an ace wrap, with instructions to x ray next week to make sure it doesn't displace. "If it does, we'll just pop it back in place"
Right, Dr. Feldman, we'll just POP THE BONE IN PLACE"
So Dr. Axlerod, Dr. Feldman, and the newest doctor, Dr. Pat Potivien, the bone density specialist, are all going to have a pow-wow about the D and figure out how to strengthen the bones-what treatment regimen to follow. We shall see. But Dr. Feldman promised me it won't happen again. Or if it does, please call him before midnight which is the normal time the ER calls him b/c he goes to bed early!
Appointments done, it was time to get down to business...Shabbos clothes shopping in Boro Park. We went to Spoons for lunch (quite yummy if I might say so myself-it was a MADHOUSE!) and then did 13th Ave. The little boys for 3 vests, a sweater, and 1 pair of pants (for next year). I'm already forseeing it "But Mommy, I don't like vestas! I want to wear a white shirt and black pants like Abba"
Dovi got 1 sweater and 1 vest-having a fused spine makes the back grow a little slower!
Shana got 2 outfits for next year. All in all a successful shopping trip.
Then we were off to Newark to fly home (after grabbing Dovi some pizza from Amnon's for dinner). A few wrong turns later-FYI you don't take 278E to Newark. You take that to La Guardia. You follow the itty bitty sign to the Verrazano Bridge to get to Newark airport. Good to know.
Well we got there, and the flight was amazingly on time! I will tell our next adventure in a separate post :)

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Stephanie said...

Okay, Porush - I'm loving your blog - your voice really comes through, and I'm glad to have some details about Dovi. Thanks for doing this. Steph