Thursday, May 21, 2009

Note to Self.

If you hang decorative plates on your wall with adhesive

and you are cooking in your kitchen when it is 800 degrees outside

and your kitchen heats up to approximately 900 degrees

the adhesive that holds said decorative plates will melt,

thus causing the plates to begin to fall off the wall.

Luckily, the pretty P plate was saved.

I cannot say the same for the two little saucers.

Rest in peace, little saucers.

Luckily, they fell tonight.

Not on my children's heads while eating breakfast at the kitchen table.


Stephanie said...

Does it make me a bad person that I'm laughing?

Anonymous said...

so, it was NOT the kids with a ball that led to the untimely ending of the two little saucers???

i hope the shabbos food was worth it! and, i see some more permanent mounting options in the future, as well as some more plate crafy-ness!

good thing those little noggins were spared!

Shosh said...

im laughing too. im sorry. its just a funny visual. youre still a rock star decorator.

shan said...

Sara, we're in Colorado actually. One of the waivers I'm looking at getting switched to is an HCBS (CES is the one that's perfect but has a wicked waiting list). You should ask the powers that be w/ IL medicaid about getting your CNA. From how I gather it works in CO is I get the CNA, am hired by a home health company that is reimbursed by medicaid for everything they pay me (of course they get to keep a little bit for themselves). I wonder if there's something similar in IL? I gather it's relatively common here for mothers of medically fragile kids to do this here (at least my case worker, often clueless, had heard of this before). All of this just to pay my sitter! Ugh!

galiah said...

Oh. sorry to hear that... (and here i was, planning to make a beautiful plate for a gift for my sister-- who lives in over 100 degree heat of las vegas....)either i'll have to scratch that idea, or figure out another way to mount them...

galiah said...

Ok, here's my idea-- i bought a clear plastic thing (a decorative plate holder? easel stand? something along those lines) in target for $1.99 i think- i think i will use that for my beautiful monogrammed plate (ok, as soon as i make it). this way i won't have plates falling on my head. i'll put the small stand on my buffet in the dining room. what do you think?

DESJ and Company said...

great idea, Galiah. It will look really nice!!