Monday, May 25, 2009

How'd you spend YOUR weekend?

I spent the weekend switching the kids from winter to summer.


Don't worry, sweeties. It is clean now. All clothes are either put away or repacked in the totes and put into the attic. If you don't have an attic I highly recommend investing the money for a pull down ladder, light, and plywood floor. Life changing in the clutter department.

And when the kids are bad we put them up there.


Really not.

Don't all go call DCFS on me. I'm JOKING.

For real.

Maybe I should delete that whole joke.

Then I organized my coupons. Yikes. My dining room table is COVERED!!

And then I cut the kids' hair myself.

Yes, myself.

With this clipper.

It actually worked very well. I didn't scalp 'em!

And then last night I ate lemon log for dinner.

While reclining on the couch.

And today I hit the thrift stores with another blogger.

We're doing a joint post for tomorrow with our plunder.

Stay tuned!


Rach said...

I'm so excited! :) he he he

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Crimney, Sara. It has been too long since I've been here. We need to catch up. Tell you what, you can come over and organize my kids clothes. Cool?
Fine, you can do my coupons too!

Gretchen said...

I need to do that job this weekend and totally put it off - good for you. It is one of my most dreaded chores, made even worse by tagless labels that rubbed off so I don't know sizes!

Estie said...

Wow-does that lemon log look goood :)

Stephanie said...

We did the kids' clothes this weekend too! It has been determined that B has about 80 T-shirts. All of which fit. Only about 8 of which we've bought.
It's also been determined that A has incredibly long legs and an incredibly narrow waist, so that like her brother, she needs like a size 4 waist and a size 7 length - which, of course, does not exist, and given she prefers to wear skirts, we've got issues.