Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat

waiting for an update from Shabbos.

I'm sure you all have been hitting "refresh" over and over on the home page, waiting with baited breath to hear how Dovi's Shabbos was.

Aside from the fact that traffic sucked and they got there a wee bit late (for early Shabbos, not for regular Shabbos)

And that I miswrote one of his meds instructions and they almost overdosed him on Robinol (sue me! It was liquid and I'm not used to the liquid form, and i wrote mg instead of mL...luckily Raphi and Sarah Miriam-the nurse-are fairly intelligent people and realized what I must have meant)

And they couldn't get his Shabbos pants over his cast and he wore black track pants to shul on Shabbos...

he had an amazing, fabulous time.

He didn't want to call me tonight!

He stayed with Raphi, and they were ordering pizza and watching movies.

Next up tomorrow?

Yankees game.

Yeah, Dovi's really convalescing.


agent99 said... typical.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Dovi is having a blast and B"H feeling good. You were sorely missed at mahj this week! Hope everything continues to go well for Dovi!

chaviva said...

glad to hear it went well. Although, I'm trying to decide what's worse Five Towns pizza or Chicago pizza. I'm not sure.

Shosh said...

i really was waiting on the edge of my seat. is raphi single? he sounds like a good catch.

Anonymous said...

oh, i'm so glad you broke your no posting on the weekend rules - you are right that i couldn't wait for an update!
i assume that tomorrow dovi will be in box seats with kosher food delivered and his name on the score board? it just sounds like he is having THAT kind of a trip - and he deserves it! is he taking you to the game?

Anonymous said...

Raphi IS single and is an AMAZING catch! Grab him now because he is going to go fast!!!!!

Shira said...

shosh, i already asked sara that once. she said he's young though.

Shosh said...

Who thinks that the anonymous commenter was actually Raphi himself? And how young, exactly? Like, would it be illegal?

DESJ and Company said...

He is but a child.
Sorry, all you scary cheetah like married women. :)
(2 points to whomever gets my cheetah reference)

Galiah said...

So I'm glad Dovi went and had a great time. --I mean, what would he do all day w/o videos?! (Kovy keeps asking me why D wasn't wearing his glasses. And he's very concerned about how he's getting around now.)

Raphi said...

Thank you DJ (also single) for the anonymous shoutout. Sara your friends are scaring me. I'm 21, and NOT dating.
Oh and btw Dovi wore white socks to shul with his black track pants and one shoe. :-)

Anonymous said...

Raphi...Raphi...Raphi... We know you will be dating soon, so Ladies please do not forget how awesome Raphi is and what an amazing catch he is!