Friday, May 15, 2009

And Now...the Benjie Fainting Story


Benjie almost fainted on Tuesday at the doctor's office. I did not.

Now I will publicly humiliate my husband tell the story.

When Benjie was 18, he tore some ligaments in his ankle playing basketball.

He needed surgery. I actually have pictures from then. I'll try and dig 'em up (yes. We started dating when Benjie was 17 and I was 16. awwwww) for you all.

When they took off his cast 6 weeks post surgery, he fainted. They're not sure why-some reaction to the shock to his system of his leg moving after being immobile? Whatever the reason, he fainted. He was fine, we all just mocked him a bit.

Fast forward 14 years.

My husband is not squeamish at all. He watches Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and live surgery on the internet. He's not scared of blood or gore.

On Tuesday, Dovi got his cast (on his leg, remember-like Benjie's leg) removed, as you all recall.

Benjie was sitting on the table with Dovi, and I was texting sitting in the chair next to them.

Ella, Dr. Feldman's nurse, was removing the stitches, we were all chatting. Dovi was playing with the music on Benjie's phone.

I looked up. Benjie was literally white as a ghost.

"Benjie, are you ok?"

"I'm not sure. I feel really weird"

Ella looked up:

"Mr. P (she always calls us Mr. and Mrs. I don't think she can remember our first names)! You're about to faint!"

We made him sit in the chair and Ella put a cool compress on his neck. We got him water. We mocked him. He felt better.

We mocked him some more.

Dr. Feldman (after he mocked Benjie a little too) said is was a vasovagal reaction.

For whatever reason, his body "remembered" the experience of 14 years ago and was gearing up for a repeat.

Then Dr. Feldman told us other funny stories of parents fainting, including one when the mother fainted and the father, while they were dealing with the fainted mother, asked Dr. Feldman and Ella where they should go for lunch.

So there you have it.

Never invite Benjie along for when you're getting a lower leg cast removed.


Orah said...

My husband just fainted on Monday from a blood draw. Well - from thinking about the blood draw. It was not pleasant. I waited until he regained consciousness to mock him, so he could hear every word of my mocking "women push babies outta their loins and you cant take a little blood draw..." Men!

Stephanie said...

Don't mock poor Benjie! His leg has a memory - that's impressive!

Rach said...

I faint every time I have blood drawn if I'm not in the laying down position. I once had a nurse that mocked me for it in Israel. I told her to try me. So she did. She took my blood while I was sitting in a chair. Next thing I know I'm slumped on the ground. So no making fun of fainters people! (and ha ha on that nurse :))

Glad he didn't actually faint though. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Benjie, I do not think I have laughed so hard in a while. I can actually see this happening here in Bet Shemesh. I think Deon will appreciate it what with his cast (taken off and put back on). We are going on 4 months now.

Yehudit said...

the anonymous comment above is from me - yehudit