Wednesday, May 27, 2009


For my non Jewish/non religious readers, I'll translate.

Loosely translated, Nachas means to be proud of someone.

As in "my kids were so amazing in their Chumash (Bible) play this morning they gave me lots of nachas. Pronounce the ch not like Charlie-but that hard Hebrew cccchhhhhh. Either way. Every year at my kids' school, the first grade puts on the Chumash play-it's basically a review of all the parts of first grade-they sing songs and each kid has a little part.

First, they came in. Well first, I got there 45 minutes before it started to snag good seats. The only person before me was my friend Becca who came 10 minutes before that! I got second row seats, and proceeded to put out my pre-printed "reserved for P Family" papers. It's cutthroat for seats at our school. We don't mess around.

OK. On to the performance. They came in.

Hi Shan! You're so cute. I love you too.

My handsome Elisha. Isn't he adorable?

Oh look! It's the side of Jakie's head. Why, oh why did he turn away? Typical Jakes. But you do get a nice view of (a) his haircut I gave him-not too shabby, huh? and (b) how his hair grows sideways a la my brother David. But then again that doesn't really matter because he and Elisha (and Dovi too) will be balding by age 18.

Shana her friend saying their lines

Jakie and co saying their lines

And my shrimpy Elisha and his TALL friend saying their lines.

Seriously? How cute are they?

And after the performance, one of the teachers came up to me:

Her: "And NOW is when it's awesome having triplets"

Me: "I know! I only had to come once!"

Her: "No, I meant triple the nachas!"

Me: "(furiously backpedaling) "Oh yes, that too! It's soooo wonderful!"

I was seriously sweating by the time we left from the effort of getting everyone's pictures.

And now I leave you with two little video clips.


FunkyFrum said...

So very awesome.

Estie said...

"It's cutthroat for seats at our school"-no joke! I totally got busted for standing!

WriterGrrl said...

LOVE the backpedaling. That was funny.

WriterGrrl said...

OMG!!! Your blog let me comment today!!

Shosh said...

seriously, you printed out reserved signs? ha. you crack me up

Rach said...

So cute! You look cute in your sheitel btw