Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keepin' It Real...


there has been some chatter (who am I kidding? I have 12 followers. Who is chatting?) that I keep a reasonably organized, neat home. Well, I DO like decorating. And I try and keep it clean. And often it is.

Yes. My table is set for Shabbos already.

But let's keep it real, folks.

Be prepared to avert your eyes. It's not pretty.

Time to stop blogging and start cleaning.

Benjie story coming tomorrow.


FunkyFrum said...

Let me just say that I have not seen my floor wince bedikat chametz. I have forgotten what ugly color the carpet is (this may be a good thing). Your house is spic n span.

Rach said...

Um, I thought you were trying to show us messy rooms. Come see my house and be scared, very very scared.

Shosh said...

ok. your dining room and living room are spotless. your den is slightly messy. your kitchen is basically as clean as mine ever gets, except for the 3 minutes after the cleaning lady leaves.
so...sorry. i am not convinced.
HOWEVER. i would like to say that my table is also set for shabbos! Yay! You have influenced me! and you were right - i may have nothing cooked but i feel sooo good!

DESJ and Company said...

Um ladies?
The kitchen counters are COVERED with stuff! There are hot dogs on the floor! Mod Podge on the counter! Toys ALL OVER THE den?
Hello? You're being too kind.
But YAY Shosh! Don't you feel like a million bucks?

elisha said...

ok, not convinced! your house looks great even with the little bit of mess and I do mean little!!! my whole house looks like that one room! I feel like I am constantly cleaning up after my kiddies. Anyway, I have been setting the table first for years and it always makes me feel like I have accomplished something! Even when I have tons more to do. Have a great Shabbos.