Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How do you say no to this??

Short answer, you don't.
Yes, Dovi, you may play Wii for the 3rd hour today. Yes, Dovi, you may watch TV in your pajamas.

After today?

Off to school.

We have the wheelchair with elevating leg rests and seat belt (won't even tell you what I went through this morning to get that delivered today. Remember my woes with my home health provider and them losing orders/messing things up/generally wreaking havoc? Yup, did it again).

We have the doctor's note clearing him for school.

Buh bye, Mr. D. Enjoy your day at school tomorrow.


We had a 9 am at Dr. Feldman. Arrived at 10:30. We were late for a few reasons:
  • New York traffic sucks. Big time.
  • I forgot the iPass in the car in Chicago. Which meant we needed lots of cash for all the tolls we had to go through. But the magnetic strip on Benjie's cash card no longer works and...ummmm....I forgot the PIN for my card. It could have been (these are not the real numbers but you'll get the idea) 3368, 3668, or 3688. So we tried all three, and in the process put a fraud alert on my card and deactivated it (maybe the trying it at 3 different ATMs was a bad idea?). So we were in Teaneck at 8:40, having left my brother's at 7:50, and needing to be in the Village at 9. With literally not one dollar of cash. And then I had an epiphany. No mocking, k? I have a Chase account that I only use for my bargain hunting- I got sick of seeing 20-30 $1-2 charges on my debit card from my primary checking-it made a PITB to balance. So I opened up another account. I dump $50 or so a month into it and keep track of my deals on line. Voila! So...I had $65 in deposits to make in my purse. We found a Chase bank, deposited it, and withdrew it right back out. I seriously have not a clue what we would have done had I not thought of that. The 10 minute stop at Dunkin Donuts didn't help either!
But between those two problems, we didn't get to the 9 am appointment until 10:15/10:30. Yikes.

Dovi's leg looks great. Only one little pin protrutding ever so slightly. Most of his stitches came out. It's not too bad at all. Except for Benjie, who almost fainted. We were all much amused. If you ask nice, I'll publicly humiliate my lovely hubby by telling that story.

So D is recasted in a NONwaterproof cast (boo hoo! But he needs lots of padding due to, ya know, the pin protruding from his skin and the 8 million stitches) and we need to see him again to remove the cast in June. Which means that we'll have a slightly longer trip to NY for Yaffa's Bat mitzvah than previously planned, because Dr. Feldman doesn't see patients on Friday or Monday. So we have an appointment on Tuesday. Happy Summer Vacation Before Summer Vacation, kids!

Then, since he was a bit under the weather on Monday, we scooted over to Dr. Axelrod to get him cleared to fly home.

After 2 hours in radiology and 2 more in Dr. Axelrod's office, it was determined that, no he did not have pneumonia, only a slight atelectasis (airlessness of the lung), but he was satting fine. So he was fine to fly home as long as he was on oxygen (check!), we nebbed him in the airport (check!) and was on continuous oxygen monitoring (not check!). Oops. We do not have a portable pulse oximeter (note to self: get portable pulse oximeter).

It was 3 pm. Flight at 8 pm. I was sure as heck not staying in New York and away from the little ones another night for no reason.

So the hunt was on. My wonderful friend Eli had one for me-but she was in Passaic, home with her son who had just broken his leg, and Passaic is just a little far from JFK. So next I called my friend Dini-who lives in Monsey. She has many connections to Chesed organizations, so I thought she might have a connection to a medical supply g'mach in Queens/Long Island. She did not. But she DID have the pulse ox for us. So wonderful Dini hopped in her car from Monsey and met me halfway-in the middle of Harlem. I was cracking up-she literally opened her window and passed us the goods-for sure people thought we were doing a drug deal. If they only knew!

Then we headed off to JFK, with a little side trip to Cedarhurst to grab some Subway for dinner. Yummmm....

Got to the airport, nebbed Dovi,

And flew on home.

D and I have been hanging in our jammies all day.

Dinner just arrived. (thank you Michelle!)

Back to real life tomorrow.


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oh wow. you have been one very busy lady

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pleeease???? im pretty sure it was you who encouraged me to share an embarrassing husband story...although right now i cant even remember what it was about