Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Sick of the Home Decor Yet?

For those of you who are not aware of this phenomenon, when Dovi has medical issues going on, I get seized by a burning desire to be crafty/redecorate my home.

My friend Aliza says it's called transference-transferring the inability to control Dovi's medical issues into the controlled environment of craftiness.

Whatever the whole psychobabble explanation is, when Dovi is sick, I paint. Or decoupage. Or hot glue.

So, without further ado.

I read this tutorial. And had to do it.

And I hung it up on the wall in my kitchen.

But it looked sad.

And lonely.

It needed friends.

So I went to the scary thrift store on half price Monday.

Ta da!

Total cost?

$3.60 for the entire display.

Well, if you include the mounting hardware, $6.60.

Plate 1 (the monogrammed one) cost $.50
Napkin pack cost $1.99
All other plates? $1.11 together
Mounting hardware cost $3



Shosh said...

i have no words

Rach said...

How did you do that? With a stencil? It's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

helloooo, that display is just screaming out "given that there are six plates; two large and four small surrounding the big P, which corresponds to the number of adults and children in the porush family, you should consider adding some decorative touches to the other plates to perhaps reflect their names or something?"
just a thought. but of course, i could just be overwhelmed by your craftiness or something!

and, btw, what is it that you do for your custom cabinetry employers?

DESJ and Company said...

I linked to the tutorial-it's a napkin decoupaged-Shosh said there's actually a article about it in Binah magazine-it's sooooo easy!

And Debbie-besides for harass them to make thigs for me, I am the bookkeeper. Not too exciting.

Stephanie said...

there totally needs to be a DESSBY accompaniment.

Miriam said...

Sara- you are too funny!

Shira said...

Ok, this is getting overwhelming. Seriously, how long do these little projects take? How did you know how to mount those? Teach me, teach me!

DESJ and Company said...

I am not joking when I say this is the EASIEST craft EVER. Buy a plate. Buy a napkin with a design or letter-whatever you want. Cut it out. Most napkins are 2-3 ply-only use the top ply-the one with the design. Smear mod podge on plate. carefully place napkin cut out on plate. Smear more mod podge over that. Let dry. Maybe another layer of mod podge for good measure? Buy 3M Command Adhesive picture hanging strips. Hang on wall. You can even print picture hanging strip coupons from the 3M website.
Will take all of 5 minutes. I promise.

too Blessed to Stress said...

What a lovely plate display! Can't wait to try out the plate tutorial.

thank you for stopping by "too Blessed to Stress" and I look forward to seeing you there again. I'll be back to see some more monogrammed beauties and to hear how Dovi is doing!

Blessings, Emily

galiah said...

I love your display! Question: how come you aren't worried that a plate or two will get knocked down by a stray ball thrown ever-so-casually by an energetic child?? I'd love to try "plating"- but i am worried...

DESJ and Company said...

(a) They are ALL the way up over my windows
(b) My kids know that they cannot throw balls in the house-now they DO sometimes-but to hit these they'd have to throw really hard-and they know they'd be in BIG TROUBLE!