Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My day with Rachel

Yesterday, I went thrifting with a new bloggy friend, Rachel. I've known her for about 10 years-well known who she is-but we've become friends because we both blog.

And we have discovered a mutual love of thrift stores.

Yesterday being Memorial Day Monday, neither of us had to work. So we ditched the kids with various family members (me, my hubby, her, her mom), and hit the stores. Both stores we went to were half price-one is half price every Monday, one just this Memorial Day.

We had a blast! Here's the plunder.

White long sleeve shell... $1
White CK short sleeved tee for under tops... $.50
Tan t shirt... $1
Black velour hoodie...$1.50. I have a great obsession love for hoodies. And for yoga pants. Which is ridiculous because I don't wear pants out of the house.

Summer skirts! Yay!
Green layery skirt...$2
A line jean skirt...$2.25
Orange H&M...$2
Stripey Abercrombie...$1.50

Crazy dress (you can tell which that is)...$2
Black ruffly wrap dress...$1.75
short sleeved Gap denim shirt...$1.50
grey fringy, layery skirt...$2
2 ties for Benjie...$.50 each

Ummm...yes, I'm wearing my new yoga pants in the picture. Kind of a greenish color, velour.
I might have to sell them on ebay.

No, I don't have a two year old.

But it was so cute we got it for Shosh's incredibly cute daughter, T

So grand total, $27.
For my wardrobe for the entire summer.

Not bad if I might say so myself.

Rachel-want to go again next week????


Rach said...

This was the greatest shopping extravaganza ever! I like that you modeled the pants! :)
Next week may be a little much- maybe the next national holiday- like July 4th weekend- all are welcome to join!

michelle prero said...

Nice going....but I'm still waiting to hear the $15 grocery shopping story.

Miriam said...

I <3 Thrift storing! I have gotten awsome stuff there too! It is the best!

Stephanie said...

it concerns me that you're turning all of your frugal hobbies into verbs...thrifting, cvsing....i feel that you're modifying the English language to rationalize your dastardly deeds.

a concerned citizen

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Wow! I am def. jealous! I need to hit up for my summer wardrobe, but guarentee it won't be that good!