Thursday, April 2, 2009

I figure I haven't given you all any good deals for a while...


Here goes. I will admit that this isn't the most thrilling of topics for most people, but some of you might enjoy it.

Sale at Dominicks:

Buy any Windex, Pledge, or Scrubbing Bubbles between 3/27 and 4/19

Buy 2 get 1.50 catalina towards a future purchase
Buy 3 get 3 catalina towards a future purchase
Buy 4 or more get $5 catalina towards a future purchase.

Additionally, as of yesterday, the Pledge Multisurface Spray (blue can) is ALSO giving you a $1 catalina for each can you buy.

There is ALSO a printable coupon for $2 off a bottle of Pledge Multisurface spray here. You will have to register but you can select not to get emails-I also have an extra email address that I use for all things coupon related on line. You can print the coupon two times per computer-arrow back after the first time you print. If you have two computers (or can harass your hubby at work-something I do all the time would never ever do) you can print four coupons. There were also coupons in recent ad circulars.

Here's what you'd do:

Buy 4 Pledge Multisurface Sprays @ 3.99 each = 15.96 + tax
Less your coupons (4 @$2 each) = $7.96 + tax
Pay the $7.96 + tax (here in lovely Chicago that would equal out to $8.77)
Get 4 $1 catalinas towards a future purchase and 1 $5 catalina towards a future purchase.
The coupons will print out of the little catalina machine next to the scanner.
Pay $8.77, get back $9-you will MAKE $.23!!

Additionally, yesterday, all types of Windex, which is also included in the $5 catalina deal was on sale (BOGO) Buy One Get One. Not sure if it still is today-but when you go get your Pledge you can check it out :). If you are a coupon clipper, there were coupons in recent circulars.
Otherwise, here's the story:

Buy 4 Windex @4.49 BOGO = $8.98 + tax
Less any coupons if you have them (I had some .75 ones and some $1 ones)
Pay at most $9.90, get $5 catalina-so you'll pay $1.22 per bottle, less if you have coupons.
I was unable to find any current internet printable coupons. Sorry!
But even without coupons it's still a good deal.


agent99 said... many windows do you have? That's a lotta window cleaner!! Your set till, oh....2050?

DESJ and Company said...

and is that so wrong, agent 99? wondex and pledge don't go bad. that, my dear, is a stockpile :)

elisha said...

i love when you post deals!!

Raphi said...

Wow great post!!!
If you want I can print you coupons and mail them to you. :-)

DESJ and Company said...

Oh Raphi...what would I do without your encouragement in the couponing world...

Anonymous said...

this is a thrilling post to those of you in the dominick's area...but we're dominick-less here in the northeast...also, i don't think i could dust enough in my whole life to use up that stash of cleansers! and, what is this catalina of which you speak? i was trying to figure out if you were combining windex and salad dressing coupons...
hopelessly lost but still reveling in that CVS/suave deal you told me about last month...