Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hee Hee

So we're in our hotel in the brother will be picking us up in a few hours.

Dovi and I just said goodbye to Benjie who is on his way home to the kiddies and work.

He took a taxi to the airport-and got there and through security so quickly that he jumped on a flight leaving an hour earlier-slick :) He left us at 29th and Madison at 3:35 and was through security at LaGuardia by 4:05 pm. Wowza!

So I'm blogging while Dovi is lounging and watching Aladdin (for the 100th time in the past week).

We walked to the Empire State Building for lunch-a pizza store there just became kosher. Of course, the second we walk in, Dovi has to go to the bathroom-the boy has impeccable timing! There was no bathroom in the restaurant, so we went out to the hallway and asked one of the security guys where the bathroom was. He told us that there was no public bathroom. I looked at him:

"My son is disabled and he was just released from the hospital yesterday. Would you like him to make in his pants?"

He went and talked to his supervisor. Waddaya know, they escorted us downstairs and to the bathroom.

Then we went to lunch.

And I noticed the following sign.

Am I the only one who finds stuff like this incredibly amusing?
How is it that no one at all in the making of the sign thought...hmmm....maybe we have a misspelling here?
Hee hee.


Orah said...

And where do the ppl who work there go when they need a bathroom? They can't spell and they have no toilet .... Or maybe they spell incorrectly due to the terrible constipation.

Shosh said...

Haha. I love it. Would you like him to make in his pants? LOL. I can just imagine the guy's face.

And as for that sign - it amazes me how dumb people can be. imagine how many people saw that sign before it got up on the wall.

chaviva said...

I have two words...New Yorkers!