Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yay! Boo!

Dovi went to sleep so nicely last night! Yay!

Then he woke up at 3 am. Boo!

He was complaining that his catheter hurt him. Ummm I don't blame him! So our amazing nurse went and woke up the residents asked the residents if we could pull the catheter or if it had to stay in for any specific reason.

It could come out. Yay!

The saline in the balloon holding the catheter in would not pull back. Boo!

So our amazing nurse went and dragged the resident out of bed got the resident to do an ultrasound to see what the story was with the catheter.

Remember, it was 4 am at this point. Dovi was not pleased at all. So we gave him morphine, which helped a little. The resident did the ultrasound. It turned out that the balloon was not inflated at all.

So out came the catheter. Yay!

He still did not fall asleep. Boo!

By this point it was 4:30/4:45. Now anyone who has spent time in the hospital knows what starts happening at 5/5:30am....doctors start rounding.

Dovi fell back asleep at 5ish. Yay!

Dr. Feldman came at 5:30. Boo!

But he said that Dovi looks awesome.

Maybe we can be discharged tomorrow! Yay!

But we have to stay in NJ for two whole weeks! Boo!

He said that while Dovi looks awesome, if, G-d forbid, there are any complications, he would not want another surgeon to deal with the leg. So as of now, we're going to see him on May 12 and fly home that night.
I leave you with 2 pictures:
Look, ma, no oxygen! Woo hoo!

And notice that plastic bag on his upper arm.

His IV infiltrated and had to come out. Yay!

But his arm was warm and hard from the infiltrated IV. Boo!

So when that happens, you need to put a warm compress on the site to help the fluid dissipate. What makes a great warm compress? A baby diaper, wet (with water, silly) and warmed and placed in a plastic bag. Who knew? Well I've heard of this before. But Benjie had not.

Cute toes in his cast. Lucky for me I remembered to pack his big blue blanket.


elana said...

i hope you have only "yays" tonight! glad he is doing well and i hope you are too.

Miriam said...

D is soooo cute- glad he is doing well!

Shira said...

yay! dovi looks great. how did the catheter not get pulled out sooner if the balloon wasn't inflated? things that make you go hmmm...weel, refuah sheleima to dovi!