Friday, April 3, 2009

In Which My Sister Teaches Me How to Polish Silver

So last night I was chatting on the phone with my sister (what else is new) while getting ready to polish my silver. I was complaining to her that I feel that my silver does not get really shiny, no matter what I do. And that it really ticks me off because I paid like $16 for my darned silver polish.

Then I told her that I was settling down at the table to polish.

"You're doing WHAT?" asked Rebecca

"I'm at the table to polish" I replied

"But how do you rinse your sponge and your silver as you're going along?" She asked

"I let it all sit and then rinse at the end. And the sponge? Oh I dip it in water" I responded.

Now anyone who knows how to polish silver is rolling their eyes at my stupidity.

"No, silly, you need to rinse each piece immediately. And you need to constantly wash out your sponge, otherwise you're just transferring the tarnish you just took off right back onto the piece!"


I stood at the sink.

I polished.

I rinsed.

Waddaya know! After twelve years of marriage and much dull silver, I am the proud owner of some shiny candlesticks and kiddush cups.

I feel kinda dorky.

I apologize by the way to everyone for all my boring housekeeping posts. But it IS a week before Pesach and I'm a tad distracted.

So far here's where I'm holding:

Basement Fridge cleaned
Basement Freezer cleaned
Stockpile reorganized and ready for covering. But first I need to take pictures of my 38 cases of kids' water bottles that I got for free to share with you guys.
Silver Polished
Shopping Done (still need to buy a tablecloth for the kitchen. Oops.)
Baked Goods Made (thanks, Michelle for graciously letting me use your Pesach kitchen! It was a lifesaver)
Car vacuumed. Let me tell you, that was one nasty car.
Kids' rooms cleaned
Purse emptied

To Do:

Kids need to clean out their backpacks today after school
Turn over kitchen (Saturday night and Sunday)
Get paper goods order
Kasher Silver
Drink Slurpees without touching them (I always have a big craving for Slurpees-half Coke, half Sprite-try it-it's the best-while cooking and cleaning for Pesach. I put them on the floor and dramatically lean over while holding my arms out to the side like a bird and drink!)
Pick up all my guests at the airport-woooohoooooooo

Happy Week Before Pesach Everyone!!


Shira said...

That image of you drinking your slurpee is just too much. 38 things of water for free? You should be on Oprah or something instead of Suzie Orman.

Shosh said...

Laughing out loud at your slupree image.

and polishing silver....seriously? now i feel like i have to polish mine. you set the bar very high. must decide if we can still be friends.

All My Monkeys said...

Well, thanks for the silver cleaning lesson. I was thinking about polishing my silverware. I didn't know that either.

I've been a lurker here for a while. Though not Jewish, I really enjoy hearing about and being educated a little on the customs of Jewish holidays. However, the verbage throws me sometimes. :D Thank goodness for google!! lol

That said, is there some reason you are not touching your slurpee cup? The visualizing of that bending over to the floor is totally hilarious.

Stephanie said...

I thought you could polish silver with toothpaste. with your dealmaking, you could probably get toothpaste for 3 cents - certainly cheaper than $16!

elisha said...

seriously? not even close to polishing silver (have tons of other stuff still to do) but I think I have been doing it wrong all these years too. tell us about the free cases of water!!

chaviva said...

Dude - buy the silver polishing gloves. Wipe down your silver, no water, no pink yucky cream. When the gloves are dirty, throw them in the washing machine and then next time you polish spray them first with the silver polish spray. rinse. repeat. Results = shiny silver, little mess.
Also, please fill us in on the water deal.