Friday, April 24, 2009

10 points

To the person who figures out the incredible irony of this picture. :)

I'm his mom. I can mock him this way.


Anonymous said...

Well, Chaya Esther and I got it: IF they had located the gene before you were married, and IF the two of you would have checked it, then the two of you wouldn't be married (call it genetic counseling if you want).

And IF the two of you never got married, well, that cute little guy wouldn't exist. Yet, there he is!!

Miriam said...

That is very ironic and oddly amusing!

Raphi said...

Wow that is hilarious! I'm his counselor so I'm allowed to say it too...right?

Anonymous said...

um, i know, i know - the irony is that he is at the museum on a pesach trip and there is no box of matzah or can of macaroons visible.

did i get it right?


and raphi, are you his genetic counselor?? that's ironic too!

it is a pretty funny picture - you should bring a copy to his next drs appt...

DESJ and Company said...

David and Chaya Esther thought this through a lot more than me...I just meant the silliness that Dovi has a genetic disease and he was doing the "genetic counselor" activity at the museum!
But D and CE-that is quite ironic.

Miriam-glad you liked it. I was rolling on the floor when I took the picture

Raphi-you can mock D all you want. Go for it...

Debbie-hee hee-I did take pictures of the matzah pizza and glicks chips we took with us

shan said...

Hmmm, the irony would be that before we had these precious little angels of ours Genetic Counselor was a job that I had no real idea existed. I thought of genetics in terms of breeding cattle or coming up with new strains of corn (I am a ranchers daughter). Now, Genetic Counselor is a term that's used far to frequently round here, and, I really don't like ours. That woman give a new meaning to annoying!