Monday, April 20, 2009

Hang On...It's Going to Be a Wild Ride...

I'm back.

I cannot believe I took off two weeks from blogging! I must say that I tip my hat to all SAHMs who blog...I have no idea how you find the time!

Pesach was great. Hectic but great. I have a bunch of posts to write, but first I need to update you all on the upcoming few weeks.

As I've written previously, Dovi is having surgery on his left leg. And his big toe, as he makes sure to remind us every time-I'm not sure why it excites him so much that he's getting the growth plate in his big toe fixed but as long as he's happy, I'm happy.

Dr. Feldman felt pity on us and the madness that is our lives and is currently planning on combining both surgeries into one longer surgery on Monday, April 27.

Yes, that's one week from today.

I'm nowhere near ready.

Remember my panic this past summer trying to get Dovi ready for camp? And my lists and craziness?


So today begins the great push to move to New York for two weeks.

Yes, you read that right. Dovi's surgery is Monday. We're going on Sunday, April 26. My return ticket? Monday, May 11.

No, I'm not panicking. At all. OK, only a little.

Dovi is not going to be in the hospital for two whole weeks. We think. We think (notice my generous use of italics) that he will be in the hospital for three-four days. But this is Dovi. This is the kid that ended up spending three weeks inpatient post scoliosis surgery in 2007. And needed a second surgery six months later. And contracted MRSA in his wound. And had his wound open up. And cannot use dissolving stitches anymore because they don't seem to hold his wounds closed, and then, y'know, he contracts MRSA. And needs IV antibiotics for four weeks. In New Jersey. Over Pesach 2005. Yes, we spent Pesach four years ago in Teaneck in my brother's house (They weren't there. They went to my mom in Philadelphia. Speaking of which, family members that read this, why didn't you all just move the family Pesach to Teaneck that year? Remind me what the story was).


I plan on being in the Tri State area for about two weeks.

And I have
  1. three other kids
  2. a job
  3. a home
  4. three other kids
  5. a job
  6. a home
  7. no nanny this time around
Should be interesting.

What I also have is
  1. three kids who are in school 8 hours per day
  2. a job that recently cut me to ten hours per week (darned economy. darned recession. once this whole surgery inconvenience is over I need a new job.)
  3. a helpful husband to deal with said home
  4. A mom who is coming in from Sunday night until Thursday morning to care for said three other kids
  5. A mother in law and sister in law who are very generous with their time to help care for said three other kids after my mom leaves
  6. Many friends and family, both in Chicago and in New York/New Jersey, that have offered to help.
So here's to hoping that it will all work out.

Many lists need to be written and phone calls have to be made.

Much planning.

Much organization.

You all know I'm good at that.

It's not the actual doing, it's the lack of lists that do me in.

I'll be busy in Excel this afternoon. Just for entertainment, I might share my list once I'm done. Don't run away screaming.


Molly C said...

You'll be in the hospital in NYC right? Can I bring you a meal or something?

FunkyFrum said...

Well, I'm glad your back to posting. I hope the craziness is less crazy then you expect.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad the dr is able to combine the surgery...too bad you don't have the experts you need in boston; then i'd come hang out with you downtown!...but i'm sure plenty of the ny/nj folks will turn out for you. and if your "move to nyc for two weeks" list is anything like your "get ready for pesach list", i'm pretty sure you will have everything under control!
glad you're back (for a while, at least) - hey, they have wifi in the hospital in ny, right?

Rach said...

We missed your blogs over Pesach. I can't believe how much you have to do this week, the week that most people are only concerned about gearing down from Pesach. Good luck, and if for some crazy reason there's a way I can help, let me know.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, oh woops i by accident hit the "post comment" button! oh well.

Raphi said...

Let me know what you need. Good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi and not lurk. Good luck with your sons upcoming surgery.