Monday, April 27, 2009

Back Upstairs

So we're back in our room.

Dovi was in recovery by 4pm and now at 7pm we're back in our room.

Dr. Feldman was very pleased with the outcome of surgery. He was able to do both surgeries as he had hoped and did some repair to the big toe. It's still big but will not get bigger.

His leg is casted to right below the knee in a cast wrapped with an ace bandage (not waterproof-boo!)

I've been told that if he did not have the cast on we would see a screw of some type protruding from his skin (Benjie says I turned a tad white when Dr. Feldman told us that). But when he changes the cast in a week or so he'll take out the screw. Phew. I would not be able to cope with screws protruding. Yikes.

Recovery was interesting. He was really really irritated at everyone and everything-he made the nurse pull his extra IV. Then he was agitated so we gave him morphine. Then he fell asleep and his oxygen levels kept dropping so we put him on oxygen. Then he fell back asleep again and his blood pressure went sky high-190s/160s. Yikes!

A little valium and blood pressure meds took care of that nicely and now we're back in our room.

He's on oxygen we hope he'll come off that quickly.

All in all we're happy with the way the day went!


Miriam said...

Glad everything went well! We miss you guys here! Give D a hug from me!

Galiah said...

GLad to hear the surgery went well. I hope dovi lets you sleep tonite ;)
HOpe we get to see you tomorrow!

Shosh said...

ok, so glad to hear things went well.

i would comment further but im off to jewel to buy you pam :)

chaviva said...

good to hear things went well.

Anonymous said...

baruch ha shem! i hope you all get some good sleep tonight!

elisha said...

hope dovi continues to feel better!

Mom said...

Hugs and kisses to Dovi from Baubie and Sabba. We are so very happy that he is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Refua Sheleima Dovi!!!

Estie said...

Excellent news. Hope you got to sleep last night and Dovi's spirits are up today! And FYI-I am npw the proud owner of 6 cans of Pam. Thanks Shosh!

Anonymous said...

Boruch Hashem it went well. I hope he can be recovering and out of there as soon as possible! Shoshana

elana said...

glad to hear things went well! hope he has an uneventful and quick recovery! hope u r doing well also.