Monday, April 27, 2009


Hi everyone...

I just got online-I was having some problems with the hospital network but my computer seems to have figured itself out.

We're hanging out in our room waiting to be taken down to surgery.

It was scheduled for 10 am but we are?were? the second case and I guess they are running a little behind. No worries.

Dovi is currently lounging with his feet up on Benjie's neck while watching ESPN.

It was quite a trip yesterday.

Jet Blue, shall we say, left a little to be desired in the whole-you know-be accomodating to disabled people? department. I'll write more later, but for the first time in eleven years of being Dovi's mom, I had to pay overweight fees for Dovi's enormous suitcase of medical supplies.

I wa a tad...overwrought?

I think my father in law was a little scared of me. My problem is that when I get really really angry, I cry. It's a girl thing. So my father in law had to defend my honor. Which he did quite admirably. More on the whole saga later.

But we're waiting to go down. Should be any minute. We actually got as far as the elevator before but they decided they were not ready for us anymore.

So we're back in our room.

Think good thoughts for the D as has major surgery on his leg. It's officially a leg-lengthening osteotomy and a foot reconstruction, as well as repair of the growth plate in his great toe. Yes, your big toe is officially called the great toe.

For my Hebrew speaking readers, his name is Chaim Dov ben Sorah Yehudis.


Shosh said...

I also cry when I get angry, or upset, or anything. I cried while talking to the RCN technician.
Too bad Jet Blue doesn't give Jewel gift cards.....

We'll be waiting for updates on Dovi.

Orah said...

Hope all goes well, and a speedy recovery...