Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Evening Report

Dovi's been ornery today. Ornery and crabby. Just ask Galiah and Kovy. Who are Galiah and Kovy you ask? I've "known" Galiah for about 5 or 6 years now from a list group that we're both on. She happened to be in the city today taking her son Kovy to an appointment, so she came by to say hi! It was so lovely to meet her in real life! Kovy is soooo adorable. His voice was just too cute. And they brought cookies. And Uno and baseball cards for Dovi. And cookies. Homemade super super yummy cookies. What more could I want? Well maybe a boy who poops. More on that in a moment.

Isn't Kovy adorable?

Dovi has found a new love: Playstation. Specifically, MLB The Show 2009 on Playstation. Of course, Benjie has now decided that Dovi needs a PSP. I think that Benjie wants Dovi to want a PSP so he can play. But look! One of Dovi's few smiles today.
The screen from the Playstation-do you see what it is? It's a Cinderella carriage, complete with carriage wheels! Hee hee.

Back to the poop.

My loyal readers might recall the 4 day crisis that Dovi was in in January.

The cause?

Poop, or lack thereof.

Dovi has not pooped since Shabbos or Sunday (I don't remember when). We gave him Miralax, but it didn't do anything. We just ticked him off and gave him a suppository. Hopefully we'll get some results (literally)

He's one crabby guy. It doesn't help that, ya know, he had three bones broken and screwed back together yesterday. Or that he's been up since 3 am.

I'd be crabby too.


Anonymous said...

Refua Sh'laima! We're thinking of you and having you in our tefilos.
CE & D

Miriam said...

Oy Refuah Shelama! Hope everything continues to move along nicely (no pun intended- hehehe).

rickismom said...

How interesting to see Galia and Kobi!
-Rickismom(pruth from the list)

amy (3Peas) said...

I LOVE his smile :) Glad all is well and that he's mending well.
I agree with Benjie- Dovi needs PSP! Oh wait- don't you have a wii? Isn't there a baseball game for that??