Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We Survived.

Can't say that much for my dining room table. It is COVERED in food. I feel like we got more junk this year-I *think* because my children gave, and in turn received, no less than THIRTY packages of crap to and from their friends. It was a little scary.

My table.

Benjie and his brother David on Purim night

Jakie who decided at the last minute to be a Cubs player instead of a Bears player. I tell you, my kids are very original.

Shana the Kitty Cat, my niece Nava the rubber ducky, and my nephew Gavi the bathing beauty
Two more bathing beauties, Miri and Tari. The theme of their family's mishloach manos (food package)? A day at the spa. It was way cute. Nice job, Rochie.

Seriously? How cute are they?

Nice pose, Jakes

Shana is OBSESSED with her tail. It's really soft and silky so she keeps rubbing it on her cheek :)

And if wearing that darned costume for a day and a half wasn't enough, she informed me that her teacher told her they could dress up today as well. I sent her school uniform in her bag. The costume is a bit..ahem...dirty.

I realize there are no pics of Dovi! He's wearing his costume today as well, so I'll grab a few this afternoon and put them up. But, shockingly, he's a Cubs player too. I know, astounding. P family kids? sports obsessed? nah.

Benjie took the kids delivering in the morning from 10:30ish until 12:45. I stayed home and cleaned the house and rolled eighteen rolls of sushi for the seudah (dinner). Then they all came home for lunch, ate more junk, and I took them out for another 45 minutes to finish up. We had some nice quiet time until our seudah at 4:30, and we were home by 9pm.

Then, of course, Benjie and I ended up watching a movie from 9:15-11:50 (seriously the most bizarre times! What was Encore Movie Channel thinking?). So I didn't go to bed until after midnight. Must. go. to. sleep. early. tonight. Benjie is going to the Blackhawks game so I hope to be tucked in by 9:30. Will report in tomorrow.

If you must know, the movie was A Time To Kill, and I definately think Matthew Mcconaughey looks much hotter in that movie than now all overmuscled. OK it's time to stop typing now. Obviously I'm very tired.


Shosh said...

LOL. You crack me up. Matthew Mcconuaughey. Haha

DESJ and Company said...

Shosh-have you seen that movie?
he's gor-gee-ous. Not as gorgeous as my studly hubby, but we're close. OK I really need to be quiet now.

Shira said...

haha, no, I completely agree.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

YEs, you are right, they are adorable! I love your little kitty!

Shosh said...

i have seen that movie. it was disturbing. but he was good looking. sometimes when im in line at jewel and im feeling particularly stupid, i look at people magazine, and there are seriously an insane amount of "baywatch" type pictures of him.