Friday, March 13, 2009


Dovi currently has no voice. He came home from school 2 days ago a little hoarse, but yesterday he came home with nothing. No. voice. at. all.

It's actually rather bizarre, because, aside from a slightly runny nose, he has no other symptoms of illness whatsoever.

But his voice is so cute and raspy I keep making him talk to me because it cracks me up :)

I actually kept him home from school today-he went to work with Benjie. I figure if he can't talk, he can't do much at school. So between Purim, him today, and Shana yesterday, it's been a nutty week of school attendance.

And I realize I haven't mentioned what Shana did yesterday.

I have mentioned in the past (but I can't find the post by searching the titles and refuse to read all 283 previous posts that I have written so if you really want the whole story you will have to do that yourself) that she seems to suffer from morning sickness.

Periodically, my lovely daughter will wake up very early, puke 1-4 times, go back to sleep, and wake up just fine about an hour or so later.

She did that yesterday. Woke up at 5:45. Puked twice. Went back to sleep by 7:15. Woke up around 8:15ish. Was fine the rest of the day.

But she did not go to school, because I was NOT going to be that mother who got the call..."your daughter just threw up on the hallway floor at school-and she told us that she puked twice this morning. Why was she at school?"

Needless to say, the little stinker was just fine.

Any ideas about this? Our newest hypothesis is that she gets like this when she is very overtired. And the week was just nutty what with Purim.

But anyone have any other ideas? It's driving me bonkers.


Anonymous said...

heh. at snack time today a student passed on the cake and clementines; when questioned he said that his dad had told him to "watch what he ate today". further questioning revealed that said child had vomited twice in the night - once in bed and once on the bathroom floor - but that his dad said that if he didn't throw up in the morning, he could come to school! so, yeah, you did the right thing. sure wish you could figure out the throwing up thing... you don't want to attribute this one to purim junk consumption?

i hope dovi gets his voice back soon...especially if he's continues to say cute things about what he's getting you for your birhtday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
I follow your blog after finding out that my 7 week old nephew, Aaron has DF. My sister and I find just your daily blogs about living with a son, a son who very much lives (!) with DF to be uplifting and inspiring and we look forward to every entry.

Dovi, Elisha, Jacob and Shanna are adorable! Curious if triplets run in your family or if ESJ were a complete surprise. Also, you mentioned a few times that Dovi's name is actually Joseph but that it was a long story, we were wondering if you could blog about that at some point too?

Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with the blogging world.
Shosh M.

Stephanie said...

Sar, could it be phlegm? When T gets congested, sometimes she throws up too. Most of the time it turns out to be nothing else, but if it is a school we do keep her home. However, I'm pretty sure my little darling has some post-nasal drip action (which she gets from me) that causes her upset tummy, and most recently, her sore throat with her last cold.

Stephanie said...

I meant, school day! said...

My niece is a puker. She is 25 now and still pukes on a regular basis.

It is stress that get her going. She does not put a finger down the throat or anything.

But, if she has a test, problems with relationships, something bothering her... she pukes. She does not make a huge deal of it, just goes in the bathroom and up it comes.

She does have a hiatal hernia...but everything else checks out fine.

Just one of many possibilies.

I hope she feels better today (and that Mr. Dovi is on the mend.)

Jonny's Mommy said...

I hope Dovi feels better soon. And I hope you figure out what is going on with Shana. I used to get an upset stomach in the morning when I was young but nothing ever came up. Maybe it is her gall bladder?

FunkyFrum said...

I am the same way with the puking, and for the longest time I never figured it out till I started tracking what I was eating and when, and I found that carbs, any kind of carbs, late at night cause me to hurl. Hope everyone feels better.

chaviva said...

i vote for overtiredness. good luck.

CynthiaK said...

Looks like you've got some good ideas already from commenters. I've got nothing except I vote for any one of those. (I know, helpful aren't I?)

But, you made me laugh that you kept making Dovi talk with the raspy voice. He probably thought that was pretty funny, too.

Molly C said...

Hmmm, could it be reflux? Also, I'm a 20 year old college student and after studying for midterms one night and only getting three hours of sleep I woke up and vomited too (lol, it's like my first comment on this blog and I'm already over sharing). After some more sleep I felt totally fine! I did it once a month over the summer too. Would get up at like 4 am, puke, sleep and be totally fine the next day.

I have acid reflux though. Does it happen when she eats anything particular? For me it's junk food or too much soda.