Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tuesday we go.


Our flight was at 9:40am. Here's what I have to say.

Sequel Eclipse Personal, Portable, Airline Approved Oxygen Concentrator???

Life changing.

Seriously, honestly, life changing.

We flew Jet Blue. That is something that we have never been able to do before. The "low cost" airlines do not offer green tank oxygen rental. Jet Blue? Divine. Nothing, and I say nothing, beats individual in flight Direct TV. Dovi was happy (Noggin). I was happy (HGTV). Benjie was happy (ESPN).

Back to the Sequel Eclipse. So lovely! Easy! Discreet! It was super fabulous. We simply rolled it on and turned it on, and off we flew.

Landed at 12:45, then walked no less than one mile from the gate to get our rental car. It took for-freaking-ever.

On the way to the 2:30 doctor appointment, we called Raphi for emergency provisions. He volunteers at Sloan on Tuesdays. Chai Lifeline puts out a lunch spread at Sloan on Tuesdays. He stole took some wraps from Sloan and brought them to NYU for us.

Dovi's appointment went well. Frankly, we know nothing more today than we did on Monday. They do a whole long exam and then we get a whole long letter with recommendations. It turns out that the D had an ear infection so he started Augmentin. I personally think that whenever he flies his ears look infect-y. But it sure isn't hurting him.

Then we left NYU and scooted over to Walgreens to pick up a prescription that was forgotten in Chicago. Tragically, a coupon for a gift card with transferred prescription was forgotten as well.

Then, the real fun began. We drove. Correction: we inched to Far Rockaway. My sister lives there (well she lives in Bayswater but no one ever knows where it is) and we were staying there that night. I needed to meet one of the cutest, spittiest babies ever, my nephew Yitzie. He spits. A lot. But luckily he is very cute.

We decided to go out to dinner. At the King David Deli, which is owned by a Camp Simcha Special counselor. But we also decided to see if any counselors could come too. They did. This is what ensued.
Everyone at dinner. Guy in front? Eli, the owner of the extremely elite King David Deli.
Headband girl/bald guy behind her? My twin sister Rebecca and her hubby Nahum. Gaggle of little boys behind them? My cutie nephews, AKA The Boys in the White Shirts. Except they weren't wearing white shirts. Those who get the joke are amused. Three guys? Asher, Sammy, and Hudi, respectively. Sammy got back from Israel that morning and came and joined us! We were happy. I'm sure his mother was not. But she might have been knee deep in his laundry anyways.

Same picture, but with me.

Dovi and Hudi. Think he looks a tad happy?

Yes. That's a large slice of tomato in Hudi's mouth.

After dinner, dancing. In the restaurant. The video of this is at the bottom.

My nephews liked Asher. A lot. It might have been the White Shirt connection. If the water pitcher was not there, you could see my nephew Akiva attacking Asher. There was something involving Asher's Ranger's scarf. And wrapping it around necks. Who knows.

Additionally, it was Asher's birthday. He's 19. I'm almost double his age. I could be his mother. I am old. But I digress. When you are at Camp Simcha, and it is your birthday, or your counselor's birthday, or your rotator's birthday, or your 15th cousin 28 times removed birthday, or you simply want to, you do this.

You sing. Don't ask me why Asher had a light saber.
Then you wait for your counselor to blow out the candles. Then you take the cake

ever so carefully. And smash it into your counselor's face.

as hard as you can.

Everyone laughs.

You hug.

And then you find some leftover french fries on someone else's plate to eat.

Then you dance. In a restaurant.

And a successful Tuesday comes to a close.


elana said...

looks like you had a fun time. i can totally relate to the bayswater thing. no one has any clue how to get there! (my sis lives there too)

WriterGrrl said...

that was awesome. and since I'm using my husband's laptop, maybe I'll even be able to post this comment.

Miriam said...

HAHAHAHA! I Love it! The cake in the face is awsome!!!

chaviva said...

I had a friend in camp years ago who lived in Cedarhurst. She used to say she lives in a place near Far Rockaway cuz at that time no one ever heard of Cedarhurst. A lot has changed since those days. Maybe the same will be with Bayswater one day.

Anonymous said...

crazy Party TIME!!!!!

amy (3 Peas) said...

Love these- totally made me smile :)