Friday, March 27, 2009

Never A Good Idea

To mess with a stressed out mama.

So yesterday was not a good day.

I'm just heartbroken over Chavie.

It really threw me off kilter. Kind of like my world shifted a little. It's just not the way we expect the world to work.

I kind of felt like I was functioning as if I was looking at the world through a veil the rest of the day.

For those of you who might be wondering, no, she did not have FD. Dovi looks like a healthy normal kid compared to what beautiful Chavie went through.

I finished up at work, got Benjie to book me a ticket to go pay a condolence call to Eli on Monday (I will not be posting on Monday-no worries-I'll just be on a plane to Philadelphia. To drive to New Jersey. Tickets to Philadelphia were less than half the price of tickets to Newark or New York. So I will fly to Philadelphia and then my lovely mother and I will road trip it to New Jersey. She'll go visit my nieces and I will go visit Eli. But I digress), and went to pick up Elisha, Shana, and Jakie to take them to the dentist.

I heard the school bell ring to dismiss the kids for the day. Next thing I knew, Elisha, Shana, and Jakie were FLYING towards the car. My kids must be the only children in the world who are thrilled to go to the dentist. Our dentist is just so amazing that my kids literally jump up and down with joy when I tell them it's dentist day. And that is even after getting cavities filled! If you live in Chicago and are in need of a fabulous pediatric dentist, I highly, highly recommend Dr. Robert Johnson on West Lake Ave in Glenview. The man is amazing.

We got done so quickly that I decided to swing by Nordys with the kiddies to exchange Shan's sneakers. I'd gotten her a pair of Nikes a few weeks prior and the soles were already separating! That should not be happening when you spend $45 for a pair of kid's sneakers.

So we went. One of the main reasons I buy from Nordys is the customer service. They really bend over backwards to help out. Today ended up being one of those times, but it was a little iffy for a while.

Here was the situation:
  • defective sneakers
  • no receipt
  • bought by my mom so I did not have the credit card to look up the receipt
  • no more in her size in stock
  • they'd have to order them
  • I could not return the defective shoes because she would have had to leave the store in her socks (although in retrospect, why couldn't I have just carried her to the car?)
  • they wanted me to pay for a second pair to be shipped to my house and then when I returned the defective ones they'd refund me the money
Ummm no. I was not going to pay another $45 (even temporarily) for defective shoes. It was not my problem that they were out of stock (is it just me or is Nordys ALWAYS out of stock in various sizes? Drives me batty). These shoes were new for the spring three weeks ago. SO not my problem if they don't have a full stock now and the shoes they sold me were defective.

Not. My. Problem. And I was not a happy girl today.

So I might not have been as nice as I could have.

Long story short?

Shana picked out a very cute pair of Pumas that cost $10 more than the Nikes. But they gave them to me for the price of the Nikes.

Lesson to be learned?

Don't mess with an unhappy mama.

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