Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Apologies, Apologies

No, no, nothing's wrong. I've just been a little busy (I know, how dare I!)

My mom came in on Friday morning and left Monday morning afternoon. It took her almost twelve hours to travel by plane from Chicago to Philadelphia, thanks to the lovely snow that hit the eastern seaboard. She could have driven in the same length of time!

Either way, while she was in town there was no time to post-much fun to be had, shopping to do, and restaurants in which to dine. It cracks me up-my kids associate Savta (Grandma in Hebrew) coming with dining out! We very rarely dine out otherwise-I'm too much of a cheapy :)

So that brings us to Tuesday,and shockingly, no posts since last Thursday.

Really, nothing too exciting has gone on, with the exception of one thing. Thank G-d, Dovi's back to his normal self and strep has not hit us again. yet. We had a small scare with Benjie on Sunday morning, but he just has a big honking canker sore on one of his tonsils.

Back to our one exciting thing.

Sunday night was the Keshet Dinner. If you're new here, Keshet is Dovi's school that he's gone to for the past five years. Keshet means rainbow in Hebrew. The slogan (is that the right word?) of the school is "A Rainbow of Hope for Children with Special Needs". So every year there is a big, and I mean huge (1300+ people!) gala fundraising dinner, attending by many many dignitaries and movers and shakers :)

Before many Jewish dinners, the ceremonial blessing over the bread is made. Every year, a Keshet child is invited, with a "buddy", to make the blessing. This year, it was none other than the studly Dovi P with his friend Jake. Enjoy the pictures.

Here they are, all ready to go. I didn't realize how much taller Jake is than D!

You're missing out on the cute bead of drool coming out of the left corner of D's mouth.

There is also entertainment at the dinner. The Keshet integrated choir always performs, and for the past two years, there has been an additional headliner performing with the kids. Leas tyear it was Dennis DeYoung, the dude from Stix. Let me tell you, there is nothing more trippy than hearing a bunch of special needs kids warbling "Come Sail Away".

This year, we had someone that will make all women ages 29-39 scream with glee.

Recognize this guy?

C'mon, think hard.

Endless Summer Nights?
Right Here Waiting?

Ahh, now you've got it.

It seems that Richard Marx attending high school with the executive director of Keshet.

So she snagged him. I must say that he has aged nicely. No more bouffant.

He sang Endless Summer Nights, albeit at a different tempo than usual, and Right Here Waiting. Benjie mocked me as I sang along to both. It took me back to Sunday mornings, listening to the Casey Casum America's Top 40 on 94 WKTI on my Walkman...

After he sang on his own, he sang a new song with the Keshet choir. Ready to Fly or some such thing.

Then the Keshet kids sang a few songs, including We Are Family and some others. Frankly, I don't even remember what they sang, because I was concentrating too hard on kneeling down in the front with the other Keshet parents while wearing three inch heels and screaming Dovi's name while waving frantically and trying to snap pictures. Remember my new camera? Well I still have not gotten a bigger memory card than the one it comes with that holds...ahem...13 pictures, so I had to take a picture, check if it was good, and delete if it wasn't.

I'm not sure why they are so dark-I used my flash but whatevs. I'm sure Amy or Gretchen can tell me exactly what I did wrong. Either way. Enjoy.

Dovi is flanked by two of his best friends, Seth and Josh, two absolutely lovely Schechter kids who are so wonderful to Dovi. His other friend David is somewhere in the back. They are so wonderful to him that I want to cry every time I see them and their parents, and hug the mothers. They are Dovi's real friends. My dreams have come true. Cry too if you'd like. It's worth it.

Waving some type of banner, not even sure why. But it was cute.


Shira said...

Those pictures are quite possibly the cutest things ever. You can just see how happy Dovi is. And, I was quite worried about you. Glad things are more than okay.

elisha said...

I was worried too! And going through withdrawal. Very cute pics. Yay Dovi!

Zehava said...


Since Shira "outed" me as a long time lurker, I suppose it is only appropriate to comment. I am very happy that everything is ok. :)


Anonymous said...

What beautiful kids you have! Over from SITS.

Rach said...

My best friend in Schechter was a Keshet kid too growing up. They do such a beautiful job!
I love seeing Dovi happy- we missed you in the blogging world Sara!

KC Mom said...

Your son is adorable! I'm still drooling over the ceremonial bread. I don't know how those kids weren't going crazy for it!
Richard Marx was a fav of mine years to see he's still around and rockin' it I might add.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Anonymous said...

kvell, kvell, kvell...
i'm glad it was something pleasant keeping you from the blog-o-sphere.
btw, did you inherit your amazing bargain hunting skills from your mom? if so, i want to see what you guys shopped for!

agent99 said...

And to think.... I was WORRIED, and you were...partying? Will Dovi still be my friend now that he's a star?

Miriam said...

Oh Sara- Dovi looks sooo hansome! And sooo happy! Wow! He has come a looooong way- Sara- I very very clearly remember his 5th (and 6th) b-day parties at school when I was working with him, when he could not stand being the center of attention for the 1 minute that they were singing happy b-day to him. Now, look at Dovi- standing there on the stage with Jack saying Hamotzi- seriously I am crying with joy and pride! You made my day!

Stephanie said...

OMG! I saw Richard Marx in concert when I was 14! Glad he's lost that mullet!
Glad you're all okay and were doing some retail therapy - I was worried.

Shosh said...

Wow, Sara, everyone was so worried about you! If only they were cashiers at walgreens, or maybe worked in the liquor department at jewel, they would know you were fine.

oops...did that make you sound like an alooholic?

DESJ and Company said...

shut up shosh.

amy (3 Peas) said...

Richard Marx?? Seriously?? That's hysterical :) I went on a REALLY awkward 1st date to his concert back in....1988 probably. Fun times.

Anyhoo- D-Man looks so handsome!!!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Your children are beautiful and Dovi is so cute! He must have been so excited! He looks excited for sure. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment! It's great to "meet" you!