Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It was early.

We got back from the wedding at like 11:00, and D didn't get to sleep until 11:30. But our appointment was at 9am, and without traffic, it takes about 45 minutes to get from Teaneck to Dr. Feldman's office. So Rabbi Wiggles (Simcha Willig) picked us up at 7:30. How awesome was he! He didn't get back from the wedding until after midnight, and then he actually thanked me for allowing him to get up at 6:45 to come and pick us up from Teaneck and drive us to the city. What a guy. I only backseat drove a little. But I've driven there like 4 million times! But umm my backseat driving sucked a little when I told him to get off the FDR 1 exit too late and we had to backtrack. But he was so nice about it.

So we got to Dr. Feldman on time. We took lots of xrays. He has the snazziest new digital xray machine. It makes everything go sooooo much faster! Usually we sit at his office for hours. This time we were in and out in only an hour and a half. Which brings us to the happiness of our trip. Not.

So on a good note, Dr. Feldman was thrilled with his back. Said it looks amazing.

I went with an agenda to speak with him about Dovi's need for ankle braces. Remember how a few months back we were switching all over the place with different braces etc? And Dr. Feldman said he couldn't give any opinion without seeing him. So he saw him. And frankly, his opinion just sucks.

No, Dovi does not need orthotics.

What he does need, instead, is a series of two surgeries on his left leg.

It seems that were have two issues at play here.
  1. Dovi pronates his left foot very badly. That is what is making his ankle collapse and roll inwards. He's currently walking on the side of his foot.
  2. Dovi rotates his left leg out from his knee down, thus walking with his foot facing sideways instead of frontways.
Orthotics will not fix this.

It seems that what will fix it is
  1. surgery on his left foot on April 27
  2. surgery on his left calf on May 8
Don't ask me what they are doing. You don't really want to know. It involves bone grafts and breaking bones.

He will be in the hospital (in NY) both times for about two days, and be in a cast and non weight bearing for about eight or nine weeks. Smashing. But he'll hopefully bedone by the first or second week of summer camp, and totally done before Camp Simcha, which is the end of July.

Having gotten the loverly news, we waited for his counselor Raphi who was ditching school for the day picking us up, going out to lunch with us, and taking us to the airport.

So we went to Circa. Raphi thought it was closed, but lucky for me it wasn't! I had such a yummy wrap. Which you kosher food starved midwesterners will know is cause for great rejoicing.

Waddaya know, Dovi had pizza. And french fries. As did Raphi. I asked him why he didn't get anything more, you know, fun. He reminded me: " Sara, this isn't so exciting for me". Be quiet, lucky restauranting New Yorker.

Then Dovi took pictures of me checking our flight time
And of his hand. I deleted about 3 others of the same shot.

Then we went to the airport. Thank you Raphi for taking time out of your bust schedule to run us all over the Tri State area!

Just so I can get a little appreciation, check out our load of stuff. I had:
  • BiPap (blue bag)
  • oxygen accessories (tubing, spare battery, etc in the black bag)
  • backpack of meds and crap
  • purse
  • rolling oxygen concentrator (remember the Sequel? Well it rocks. But it's heavy)
  • stroller that is broken and doesn't steer very well (new one is ordered. This one is like eight years old)
  • Dovi

OMG was it hard to get through the airport! Luckily Raphi helped me get in to the check in line, but he couldn't go through security with me.

So I did it. Not even sure how. It involved me pulling the oxygen with one hand, and pushing the stroller with my other hand and my stomach.

I felt bad for the people behind us in line at security.

Then Dovi decided he needed snacks and I spent $5 on a freaking box of animal crackers and a coffee for me. Which was really, really needed. I was about to keel over.

We got home, got attacked by the kids (nothing like a running jump into your arms by your kids to make you feel appreciated and loved)

And thus ends Dovi's triumphant? Exhausting? trip to New York.


Anonymous said...

um,you're right. that ortho news sux (and i don't say that lightly). but the surgery should remedy the problem? will you stay in NCY for the two weeks, or go back and forth?

YAY on the digital x-ray machine! double YAY on the great looking back! YAY on the eating out (restaurant starved bostonian understands the thrill)! YAY on successsfully navigating the airport! and big YAY for Raphi and Rabbi Willig and their willingness to schlep all over town for Dovi (and you too, of course).

glad you got a good welcome home - what did you end up whipping up for shabbat?

FunkyFrum said...

Because I never have anything constructive to say can I just say "circa! *drool*"

Shosh said...

OMG, I dont know how you got through the airport. No one offered to help you? What's up with that?

Same question as long will you be in NY for?

Zehava said...

As a transplanted Midwesterner living in NYC, I think the food in Chicago is a lot better. The restuarants in Manhattan can't afford to stay open.....Hope everything goes well with Dovi's surgeries!

ABC Trio said...

Wow, I haven't checked in for some time.....Thinking of you and Dovi with the upcoming surgeries! Best of luck, and I hope it resolves the issues.
You painted quite the picture in the airport with your travels. I got such a visual, I think I will NEVER fly with the triplets. LOL.
Take care. Love your blog!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I guess i haven't been here in a bit too, I better get on it. I am sorry to hear about the surgery. That sounds painful, and like it will be a long recovery. Is this a permanent fix? or will it continue on?
I am glad you have support like it appears you do.
BTW, airport food prices will kill you, won't they?

chaviva said...

Hello Shosh - it's NY that Sara was talking about. Did you forget that. No one helps anyone. Each man to himself. Don't even dream of smiling or nodding at someone unless they are your best friend or else you might get a quizzicial look of do i know you from somewhere. OMG - I have morphed into a midwesterner.
Sara - sorry bout the surgeries. But as long as you're going to NY, I recommend the White Chocolate Mousse cake at My MOst Favorite Desserts. That should make it all better.

Estie said...

Just got back and reading much needed blog updates! OMG-the 2 surgeries really do stink! To echo everyone else-how long will you be there for?

And BTW-Dovi looks ridiculously happy in the pics from the wedding! (You looked fab too!)