Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why I Love it That My Kids are Still Young

1) They still like school. Correction: They still LOVE school. School is fun! They skip out the door, excited to go every morning.

2) I can still pull the "I don't think you can clean up the den/bedroom/living room by yourselves before I come in there" trick-and they run, screaming at me not to come in yet. And make the darned room spotless. I've even gotten them to stop shoving everything under the bed/couch.

3) They still say to me, "Mommy, you're the best mommy ever. Thank you for making such yummy food for us." Or, Dovi's favorite, " You're the best mommy-in-the-whole-wide-I-ever-ever-had"

4) They are still..nice. I'm not the hugest fan of kids age 8-12. I think they are just a little mean. Maybe it's those pre-pubescent hormones kicking in or something, but I am nervous for those years.

5) Homework is not yet a battle. Need I say more?

6) Shana still lets me choose her clothes. Thank G-d.

7) They still want to hug and kiss me. Although they have requested that I stop pinching their cute little tushies. I suppose I should oblige them, but they are just so delectable. One day I'll tell you all about my insane, insatiable desire to bite my children. They are soooo yummy. I just want one tiny nibble. But that's for another day.

I'll add more if I think of anything.

What about you? What do you love about your kids?


Shosh said...

I prefer to bite earlobes, squeeze tushies, and eat the corner of their mouths because I like baby drool. But thats just me.

michelle prero said...

I also sometimes have the urge to bite my children :)

Miriam said...

I love that my kid still loves to be hugged and kissed in public and isn't embarassed.Also he totally loves helping and cleaning! Btw Sara- I am right with you on being scared of the 8-12 year olds! They can be mean! I mibble Ruvie's cheeks (he still has chubby cheeks) and I defititly squeeze his adorable little tushy!

Rachelz said...

i'm not going to comment on these actions........

ok, ok, i eat my kids too

Clair said...

Hey Sara, thanks for the info on the Jewel deal but if you get a chance please email me and let me know how you made money! Thanks! Clair

Heidi said...

Shosh your comment just made me gag. Seriously. Sara, I agree with you, this is a great age. Although, G has started complaining about his homework. When he does it, he doesnt really seem to mind it, but he always says things like "awwwww I have so much homework!!!"

P.S Do you ever have trouble understanding what E is supposed to do on his little dittos? Or is that just me?

Chaviva said...

My middle son loves to say, "mommy, you are the best mommy in the whole world and I can never stop loving you" and my dtr has now caught on and has started writing me love notes with that statement.
Oh and little tushies are the cutest. I'll enjoy while they still let me see theirs.

elisha said...

my youngest says "you are the best mommy I ever had!" then she says I love you and kisses me 12x in a row. I better be the only mommy she will ever have-but she means well! I also have a problem with kid tushies-they are just so easy to pinch.

Ms. Stephanie said...

My girls won't less me dress them. Sometimes B will. But I would (but I don't) pay them $10 to wear jeans, because they look so cute in jeans. But if it's not a dress or a skirt, they won't wear it.
However, I do love that I can tell silly jokes and make them giggle uncontrollably. Of course, they laugh louder if I include the word "underwear."