Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lovin' the New Camera

So I'm loving my new camera, and today I'm sharing one of my latest crafts with you all.

If you're a blog-surfer, you might have noticed that one of the popular home decor items right now is silhouettes. ( Possibly one of the hardest words ever to spell, second only to diarrhea. So many superfluous letters!).
How freaking lovely is that? Imagine it in a kitchen...mmmmm.....more ideas abrewing. I did not make this. I got it from a free clip art blog I read. No mocking, please.

Well silhouettes are expensive.

I am cheap.'s what I did:
  1. Since at the time of the craft, I was camera-less, I asked my lovely friend/neighbor Rebecca to take pictures of the hoodlums. We had them stand sideways against a plain wall. At dinner time. While Rebecca had to get HER hoodlums ready for swimming lessons. Immediate gratification issues, I know.
  2. I then printed out the pictures of said hoodlums on my putey as an 8x10. Oh. After we spent like 20 minutes trying to email the files to me, until we realized, ya know, that I could just take Rebecca's camera home with me for a few minutes. Which I did.
  3. Then, I took a very, very sharp pair of scissors and cut out the pictures.
  4. (This was a many-stepped process) I then traced that cut out picture, slooooowwwwlllllyyyyy and carefully onto some black scrapbook paper I scrounged up from my scrapbooking days (Hi, Peta!!)
  5. Then I cut that out.
  6. Then, because I suffer from immediate gratification issues, I hopped in my car and drove to Michaels. I bought pretty scrapbook paper that was on sale for $.35 a sheet. I bought four. Because, ya'know, I have four little ungrateful hoodlums.
  7. Drove home. In the snow. It was slippery. Remember, I need immediate gratification?
  8. Then I used my kids' school glue sticks and very carefully centered and glued the black cut outs onto the pretty paper.
  9. Then I needed frames.
  10. Scrounged around in the scary slasher basement and found three black 8 x 10 frames from another previous craft. But that wouldn't work, because, remember? Four ungrateful hoodlums.
  11. Remembered that Dovi had some pictures of him and his counselor Nuchie !who is getting married! on his wall. Ran upstairs. Removed a frame from the wall. What's my son's happiness at looking at his pictures when I have a project going???
  12. Took said frame downstairs. Realized it was slightly different that the other three.
  13. Decided to do two of each type.
  14. Ran back up. Removed other picture from Dovi's wall.
  15. Stuck picture of Dovi and Nuchie from now-spare-frame-from-three-from-scary-slasher-basement and ran back upstairs to at least give him one picture.
  16. Put lovely silhouettes in four black frames.
  17. Spent an hour measuring and making itty bitty holes in the wall to get them ever so evenly spaced.
  18. Total Cost? $1.54.
  19. Total time? Minimally two hours, all told.
  20. Voila!

Here's the big question, though:

Can you tell who is who?

EDITED: I realize it looks like Shana's is a little higher than everyone else's. She isn't. Trust me. I've spent much quality time with my level to avoid that.


Shosh said...

D, E, S, J - in that order, from left to right. Am I right?

amy (3Peas) said...

Totally DESJ- you know what part I totally LOVe- their mouths :) Esp Dovi's :)

Rach said...

very cool

Gretchen said...

Does it count that I guessed DESJ before I read the other comments?
Very cute...and I see you in the mirror.

elisha said...

What a great idea! It looks so expensive!

DESJ and Company said...

I know Amy!!!
Their mouths are delish. You can see E is smiling if you see them IRL

Amy and Gretchen-remember when I asked you guys if you could do them?

OMG! I forgot to give a shout out to G's amazing Xmas card...the original inspiration.

Shosh said...

ok now that i got my guess in...i have to go back and say that this is insanely impressive and i wish i had instant gratification issues because then maybe, just maybe, i would FINISH a project i started.