Friday, January 30, 2009


So since Benjie and I went to Florida last weekend, we rearranged Dovi's night nurse's schedule to work the entire time we were gone. She works five nights per week, usually Monday through Friday.

Well what we had her do instead was work Thursday-Tuesday nights to give my in laws coverage and a full night's sleep while we were gone.

So that means that she did not work Wednesday and Thursday nights this week.

So while we are tired (correction:Benjie is tired. Dovi wants nothing to do with me at night. Or frankly during the day either. I am a poor, poor substitute for the All Powerful Oz Abba), I said something to Benjie last night:

"You know, it's kind of nice being just us in the house"

He agreed.

Now I must say that our nurse is MAGNIFICENT. We adore adore adore her. She adores Dovi. Dovi adores her. She has worked for us for almost two years. I have heard the nightmarish stories people have to tell about their nurses-no call no shows, drunk on the job (I kid you not. The child was total care. The mother is literally suffering from post traumatic stress disorder now from coming home and finding her nurse passed out on the floor next to her ventilated son. I'm not making that up), stealing, lying, etc etc etc. So I have a hearty appreciation for her nurse, her caring and respect for Dovi and our family.

But the bottom line? Have you been in my house? It is not big. It's actually rather small. I love it. It's cozy. Aside for the need for another bedroom (how much longer can Shana share with Elisha and Jacob? They are six. It's not good), I could not ask for more in my lovely home.

But five nights a week, we share our home with our nurse.

She is unobtrusive. Quiet. Kind. But she is also about ten feet away from my and Benjie's room. So we have lost a level of privacy.

So while we Benjie appreciate(s) the sleep that having our nurse gives us, it was nice, really a treat, to be just us overnight.

Although I'm not sure if Benjie still felt the same way while giving Dovi his meds and changing him and his linens at 4 am.


Rach said...

I can really appreciate that. It's a real trade-off. Privacy is a treasure that you don't realize how important it is until you don't have any.
Can I just say again how amazing I think you are without sounding like a sappy dork?
Get ready to party on Sunday!

chaviva said...

Can I copy what Rach had to say without sounding like a sappy dork copycat.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's the reason we don't have a liven in. well, that, and the money of course!!!

you are truly blessed with such a wonderful nurse; i too have heard many a horror story (heavy smoker with child on respirator? nurse's significant other conducting drug transactions in car parked outside of home?). yet i can totally understand the beauty of privacy too...

(who could easily be a sappy dorky copycat too)

Anonymous said...

oops, that would be a LIVE IN.
although a liven in might be fun too!
guess i should try that comment preview...

Michelle said...

How lovely to have some time to yourselves, but I can totally understand what you mean about not having privacy. So many things we do involve unexpected challenges, but I have a feeling yours is definitely the right one for you -- and congrats on finding such a perfect nurse!

And thank you so much for visiting me yesterday on my SITS day! It was so much fun, and I loved seeing all the comments everyone left. I hope you enjoyed your stay and that you come back to visit again soon!

Stash Empress said...

Paradigm shift --- how lovely that you & Benjie have the privacy to share a room --- when Shloimy's nurse doesn't show up, it means dh & I take turns sitting with him --- in the living room --- at the other end of the house.... its called birth control by remote control ;-)