Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday! (Didja miss me?) EDITED to add pictures

Did you? Did you? C'mon, you can admit it, I know you've been counting down the days until Monday when I was coming back
(hahahahahahaha I amuse myself)

OK...onto Not Me! Monday

These past 2 weeks I did not...

I would never have ignored a nasty repulsive infection on my right leg until it got so big and bulgy that my aunt asked me when I developed varicose veins.

And then, being asked that question, I would have never hit up my cousin who just so happens to be a second year pediatrics resident to call in a prescription to Target for me.

Because I am not waaaaay to lazy to actually, y'know, get it seen? Because, after all, I am the mom, and unless we are d.y.i.n.g. we just ignore it?

And I would never have been inappropriately excited to pick up said prescription, not because, well, my huge bulgy infection would go away. No, no, I was inappropriately excited to pick up the prescription
because I had a coupon for a $10 Target gift card with a new prescription.

That does not ever so slightly make me cringe to admit my new coupon obsession.

On the topic of that obsession, I was not inappropriately excited that there were 5 circulars in the paper on Sunday.

I did not send Benjie to his brother's house to steal take their paper from their porch because they are out of town.

Because I did not want more coupons.

That is not embarrassing yet again.

This past week, I did not notice that my laundry sink was not draining well.

This did not vex me because I had recently replaced the lint trap.

I did not then ignore the nasty water in my laundry sink for a few days.

When I finally decided to investigate, I did not find out that the cause of the clog was a small, formerly white sock that belonged to one of my kids, wedged into the drain.

When I found said sock, I did not just throw it out rather than washing the repulsiveness.

When my mother came to visit over New Years, we did not eat out 4 times in 5 days.

That would be excessive.

I also did not take major advantage of my mom in Target...who would sneak entire jog suits into the shopping cart? Oh and a purse too...hey-what else are moms for?

I also am not inappropriately excited for my children's impending return to school tomorrow.

We did not have a lovely vacation.

We did not: go to Coco Key, bowling, to a hotel for the weekend, Garfield Park Conservatory (if you live in Chicago, GO! It's fun and free), watch many movies, and generally enjoy our time together.

I was not amazed by how overall cooperative the little monkeys were.

Dovi did not fall down the entire flight of steps on Sunday morning.

We did not immediately begin examining his entire body for signs of break. (Thank G-d, he was just fine)

But as I ran to him, the first thing that crossed my mind was NOT that he looked like a flipped over turtle lying there on the floor.

And I did not giggle a little inside. That would be really (a) mean and (b) dysfunctional to laugh at your extremely disabled child after he potentially broke many bones. Which HE DID NOT. (and that is not a Not Me! Monday double negative)

I did not! run 8 miles on Sunday!!!!!!

I am not getting very pumped for going to warm Miami the marathon.

I certainly DID NOT feel very old while running with two verrrrry speedy mommas who are 4 and 6 years younger than me, respectively.

I am really not sure how it happened that I got this old.

I am not asking you all to go here to Team Lifeline to support me for the marathon...I'm only $100 short as of today!

Dovi did not have YET ANOTHER visit from another awesome Camp Simcha Special counselor today...

He does not look scarily (is that a word) like Captain Jack Sparrow.


Well in Not Me! Fashion, you can't see. Stinky Snapfish has caught on to my right-clicking ways and is now CHARGING $.25 per photo copy.

This does not irk me.

I am not now hoping that either Raphi or DJ will email me said photo so I can show you all how much DJ looks like Captain Jack.

Raphi took care of me. Enjoy you all-and doesn't DJ look JUST like him? And to give Raphi credit, that's him on the right being Spongebob. No idea who Batman is. Just another day at camp.

OK that's all.

What did you NOT do over the past two weeks?


McCrakensx4 said...

Thanks for blogging by! You have a beautiful fam! I, too, love going shopping with my mom! It is the best!! Great list...have a great list!

Shosh said...

umm...i really did miss your blogging

elisha said...

i missed it too! great list this week.

Babs said...

WOW! You were so NOT busy over the Holidays. Good luck on your training.

Raphi said...

congrats on the 8 miles, im almost up to 3 :-) i emailed you the pictures

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I laughed at the Dovi "flipped turtle" thing.
I also get embarrasingly happy over $10 Target coupons. Love 'em!
And, of course I was waiting for you to come back with your list! YOu always have good ones!

Anonymous said...

I do NOT kinda want to peek through my fingers and sorta see what that infection on your leg looks like.

DESJ and Company said...

Oh Blue Violet, no worries. I did not post pictures of my repulsiveness. Ewwwww.
But it looks sooooooooo much better today after 2 days of antibiotics and a few warm compresses.

I WILL be posting the picture of Jack Sparrow/DJ in a moment though.

Kelly said...

I'm glad that you are back blogging too!! Did you see the Jewel ad this week??? Lots of really good stuff!

I've also been known to "look at the bright side" of needing antibiotics for ear was even better when Osco would match competitors coupons + $5.

Happy Shopping!

DESJ and Company said...

I am rather excited about the spend $30 get $10 or whatever it is at Jewel...just trying to figure out my best coupon matches to use now...which I do have some good ones to use.

agent99 said...

I was in withdrawl! Serously, you coulda called me for antibiotics, I even would have fixed up your repulsive self....

Rachelz said...

You may think I'm speedy.... But I was DYING this morning. 8 miles is a whole heck of a lot! How much are we running next Sunday morning?
Thanks for commenting btw!

writing4612 said...

I'm not trying to scare you but I had an infection for 9 months. It was as big as a 6 oz. steak(no lie. I went to several specialists, and they literally did every test imaginable, but it was never diagnosed. They even put me on that VERY NEW (and expensive)medicine called Zyvox for several weeks to see if that would help. I was a frequent visitor of the E.R. I hope your leg is better!