Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm not sure it was the best idea...and a random group of thoughts :)

To go to work today.

There is A LOT of snow! It is falling fast. Shabbos starts at 4:30. I'm not sure of my wisdom here...

But here I am, snug as a bug at my desk in my Uggs with my space heater BLASTING at me drinking a coffee. What could be bad? (Well, getting home might be...) Shabbos is cooked, laundry is in the dryer, table is set, candles are ready. All is well in the (P family) world.

So I've decided that this weekend will be crafty weekend. I've got a lot of odds and ends floating around my house and I need to figure out what I can create with them. I've got paper, a few trays, some plaques, maybe a few letters, paint, my hot glue gun, and some ribbon. I wonder what I'll end up with.

So I'm a teeny, itty bit concerned about Dovi's mouth. He still has the sore from his brackets. His teeth are moving miraculously (I guess our small fortune paid to the orthodontist IS doing something!) where they are supposed to be. So that's good. But the sore is still there. It's kinda gross. And gives him bad breath. Raunchy bad. But what is concerning me is that his cheeks feel kinda...thick. I think it could be swelling from the sores? Or it could be some type of callous type formation from the braces? I really have no idea what to think. But he sees the orthodontist on Tuesday morning for a quick check so we'll see then.

Anyone with a kid with braces have any ideas about this?

I don't usually post on the weekends but look for a special post on Sunday!

For all you who were wondering, my nasty disgusting infection is almost 100% gone. Now I just have a little hole in my leg that needs to heal. Much better.


Anonymous said...

if you have time on the way home (or on the weekend), get yourself some modge podge and your crafty supplies will be complete! you already have the makings of some great projects - can't wait to see the results!

sorry, no help on the braces. we are finishing up with the palate expander (ie, torture device from he**) and moving into the braces in a few weeks. but i will check with dh the dentist when he gets home from boys haircuts about what might make cheeks feel like that. but, he might not know, 'cos he's just a mortal dentist.

hope your ride home is ok - i've got a little bit over two hours till shabbos here and NOTHING made except for soup and challah and NO table set and NO candles put out. hehhehehe - think i procrastinate much?

Anonymous said...

Are you using wax to help prevent them from rubbing on the cheeks? Eventually the cheeks do sort of build up a resistance to it and don't get like that...