Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

This is a public service announcement for everyone who lives in Chicago and ever goes to the professional building at Old Orchard.

You might read this and be like "OMG Sara is such a flake! How did she not know this?" But here we go.

Did you know that the Professional Building at Old Orchard has underground parking?

As in, go down a driveway, park underground, go in the door, and take an elevator up to your doctor's office?

If you didn't know, your jaw has surely dropped open. If you did know, you can't believe my incredible flakiness that I have lived in Chicago for seventeen years and did not know this.

Do you know how life changing it is? Previously, I would park in the Bloomingdales lot and either have to put Dovi in his stroller or drag him across the mall. Now, zoom down, park, and go in.

How do you get to this miraculous driveway, you may ask?

Pull around the north side of the mall-off of Old Orchard Road. It's little, itty bitty driveway that is right by the Toms Price customer pickup. You need to be driving south down the parking lane to access it easily. So I usually turn down Golf, take it to the mall entrance past the Nordstrom lot, and take that road all the way past Bloomingdales. Then I make a right. The drieway will be on your right. It goes down underground. It's kinda curvy.

It will change your life.

It's the little things, I swear.


Miriam said...

You are so funny that you just realized this was there! =)

Orah said...

I would call you a flake, but I think I am more of a flake for knowing this for five years now, and still parking in an outdoor spot. Although it is usually to visit my OB so I try to grab one of those pregnant parking spots in between L & T and The Noodle Company (which is usually occupied by some old guy eating at "The Bagel") even though there are five open handicapped spots for him. I think I fear a garage collapse - so who is a bigger flake? Oh, and if you have a placard (which I think you do)and you still insist on parking outside - this area would probably be better for you than Bloomingdales.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Hey, that is not flaky, that is a Public Service. Or, you are talking to a lady who has set her alarm clock everytime it goes out for the last 2 years before realizing it is a radio signal, so it will set itself.
Thanks for the *happy* thoughts on the dentist.

chaviva said...

Thanx for a really good laugh and enjoy your future trips to the garage. i'd say with the lovely weather we've been having this was a fine time to discover the lot.

agent99 said...

too funny my dear. I admit it took me a while to find it, but not 17 years!!

elana said...

i knew it was there but it is kind of hard to find. i always forget where it is and end up circling around the mall 20 times!

The Scooper said...

Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment. As for privacy, you could get an inexpensive tension rod (or shower curtain rod) to put in the top of the window. Put panels on that. Then just make sure your tacked-on valance covers the rod. Make sense?