Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello My Pretties

Look! Look! Look!

I just packed for Florida.

Look what I packed!!

My fit flops.

My heart is happy.

Very happy.

Insanely, inappropriately happy.

Is it unreasonable that I kissed them?

Benjie said I need to be committed, but I swear, as I got them out from the summer shoe box under my bed,
my heart was aflutter.

Why, oh why?
do we live in Chicago? It is cold. And snowy. And you cannot wear Fit Flops year round in this stinky cold city. pretties.

We shall meet again soon.

And I apologize. I tried to be snazzy with various-ly sized type. But obviously I'm a spaz and cannot do this correctly and now it looks all ridiculous.

Edited again. It seems my work computer likes to let me be snazzy, and my home one does not. So now it looks normal.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

I hate when blogger does that to my type too! I try and fix it and end up just getting mad. Love the flip flops though!

agent99 said...

GO, SARA, GO! Have a great trip and best wishes on a good turn out for this worthy cause!

Shosh said...

you crack me up

Anonymous said...

What are fit flops?

Amy said...

TAKE ME!!! I so hate the cold here in Pa!

elana said...

have a great time and good luck with the run.

elisha said...

Have a great time and enjoy the weather!!

chaviva said...

Enjoy your trip and please soak up some heat for me. i hate the cold and am so finished with this lovely winter we are having.